Have you ever wondered if there’s things you can’t bring or do at Walt Disney World? Follow this list of eight Walt Disney World Rules so you know what you can and can’t bring with you on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

Walt Disney World Rules

Selfie Sticks

Disney has banned them! What’s the problem with selfie sticks you ask? Besides perhaps accidentally hitting someone with one while you’re trying to snap your selfie, you can interfere/injure/or halt a cast member or ride. There have been problems with people sticking them out in the parades. The cast members in the parades are putting on a show and not paying attention to miscellaneous sticks that are poking out. Additionally, people have been using them to get photos while on rides. This is not a good idea since instructions on almost every ride start with keep you arms and legs inside at all times. That includes other objects too. A better way to get ride pictures is to buy Disney’s Memory Maker.

Food and Drinks

While you can bring food and drink into the park, you cannot bring glass containers (exceptions made for baby food jars) and large ice chests. You can bring anything enclosed in plastic and soft ice chests, as long as they fit within the guidelines that have been set. So think about this when you pack for your Disney trip. 


You already know that adults can dress up for Halloween parties, but masks covering the face are not allowed by anyone, not even children! This is for your own safety and the safety of others. While we are at it, costumes are only allowed for adults during MNSSHP. If you want to dress up as a character, try Disney bounding.

Spreading of Ashes

Some people are really Disney fanatics (myself included), but they request that you spread their cremated remains in a Disney lake, or other area. This is not allowed…for anyone, for any reason!

Wheeled Vehicles

My child likes to ride in a wagon vs a stroller, can I bring the wagon? No! The only wheeled “vehicles” you are allowed to bring are strollers and scooters, but not the for fun kind J.

Folding Chairs

I’ll bring my own folding chairs so I can sit at parades and fireworks. Nope! They will even ask you to fold up the seats that flip out on walking sticks.


Since you can buy alcohol in the parks, I should be able to bring my own, right? Nope, again, this for your safety and the safety of others.


If you want to chew gum you will need to bring your own. Disney World doesn’t sell gum anywhere on its grounds. Walt wanted to keep the areas free of this mess. He also placed garbage cans no farther than 30 feet apart. There are garbage cans everywhere, so please do your part to keep the grounds clean.

Did you know about these Walt Disney World Rules?



Eight Walt Disney World Rules You May Not Know