A question that is often asked by people is what should be packed to bring on your trip to Disney World. There are many things to consider when packing. Below I will list a couple options for each scenario. You will need to consider the age of your children and what their needs are on a daily basis.

Walt Disney World Packing

Walt Disney World Packing for infants to 3 years old

These children will need a bunch of items daily. Diapers/wipes or pull-ups being the major item they will need. These can be ordered and shipped to your resort a couple days ahead of time to save room when packing. This is especially helpful when you are flying. You may also need formula for this age group. That can also be ordered and shipped. Don’t forget bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, teethers, and baby food. This age group will also require some items to keep their attention. You may want to bring a carrier to wear the baby for those times its easier to hold/carry them instead of put in the stroller.

Weather at Walt Disney World

Disney World is in the South and weather in the South can be quite unpredictable. You can go from a sunny day to rain in a matter of minutes. As we say in the South, give it 10 minutes and it will change. However, you will want to have a poncho for each person in case of rain. You will also want to have sunscreen in those warm spring, summer, and fall months. In the winter be sure to pack hats, gloves, and scarves.  I also like to carry a light sweater, no matter what time of the year I come. It may be cool in any number of places or at night.

First Aid At Walt Disney World

Accidents happen and so do blisters, bring a box of Band-Aids. You will also want to bring hand sanitizer and wipes as sticky fingers after yummy snacks will happen. Headaches don’t know that you are on vacation and don’t have time for them to hang around. Bring your favorite pain reliever, one for adults and one for kids. Tummy aches are much like headaches, bring some chewable/dissolvable stomach pain relievers. Sore muscles are a definite bummer, bring along your favorite topical gel or cream pain reliever.

Walt Disney World Snacks

Food and drinks are ok to bring into the park. Bring along some snacks and maybe a few drinks as long as there are no items in glass containers. Small snacks are one way you can occupy a few moments in line. You may also bring a small cooler bag as long as it fits within the dimensions allowed. However, do not bring in any hard ice chests.

Save on Walt Disney World Souvenirs

Shop at your local stores dollar bins before you leave. Stock up on things like glow sticks/toys, coloring packs, necklaces/rings/bracelets, socks, bubbles, or anything that will occupy time in lines. Each night after the kids go to sleep pull out these items for a great surprise in the morning. When asked you can say that Tinkerbell must have left these things for you to have in the park for that day. This is always a hit with my kids.

Light Up Toys at Walt Disney World

These toys can get to be expensive in the parks, especially if you buy one each night. Go to your local dollar stores and dollar bins and look for toys that are Disney themed that light up in some way. It may be a stick you can turn on and off, or a toy that needs the button pushed to light up. Also be on the lookout for glow sticks. There are so many different kinds you can get. From the necklace, to the stick, and headbands to masks you are sure to find a Disney themed glow item that will be a perfect addition that didn’t break the bank!

What Type Of Bag Should I Bring To Walt Disney World

You will need something to carry all of these items in throughout the parks. When picking your back, make sure that it’s comfortable to carry all day long. You will want to pick a bag that is comfortable and large enough, but also fits within the guidelines for bag size allotments.

Shoes To Wear To Walt Disney World 

You will do a lot of walking each day. Pick a pair of shoes that you can wear comfortably for hours on end. Think about bringing an extra pair of shoes if you are planning to ride any water rides. You can put these shoes in the bag you have chosen to carry each day.

Strollers at Walt Disney World

Many times I’ve heard people asking if they should bring their own stroller or just rent one. This is totally your choice, but I would suggest bringing your own if possible. You and your child are familiar with it and are comfortable with its operation. You will have to fold up the stroller when you get on buses and park it when going into attractions. Tie a ribbon or something that can help you find your stroller in the sea of stroller parking. Putting glow sticks on it at night is also a great way to find it in the darkness. Don’t forget a rain cover for the stroller as well!

Disney Themed Clothing

Since you are visiting the house of the mouse you will want to dress the part. Family themed shirts are so cute! I always have at least one shirt made alike for each person in our travel party. There are so many stores that sell Disney themed shirts. You can plan out for each person to wear a certain character, while they are all different; the character(s) are the same.

Another cute idea would be to have each person in a different character, but when you are all together you put together a cast. For example: Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto are all part of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Separately they are just one character, but put them all together they make up a cast of characters.

Walt Disney World Autograph Books

You will be collecting autographs while in Disney World, be sure to buy a book in the parks or bring along whatever you will be collecting those autographs on. Autograph books are the most popular way to get those in collection, but think outside the box. You can have the characters sign a shirt or pillowcase. Remember to have the proper type of marker and a hard surface under the item for the character. Characters can’t sign items currently being worn. Another great idea is to have the autographs collected on a picture mat.

Once you are home you can put your favorite picture in the frame and surround it by the mat with the characters signatures. One of the most recent unique ways is to get a large vinylmation character and get autographs with different color sharpie markers. Get that noggin thinking and look for ideas that are different than just the books!

Should I Bring Cash To Walt Disney World? 

You will want to bring cash for certain items that only take cash. Every kid loves balloons, those beloved balloons are a cash only item. Penny press machines are one of the cheapest souvenirs you can get. You need exact change for these machines. Most are $.51, which you will want bright shiny pennies. Get a roll or two of quarters and a roll of new pennies. My daughter absolutely loves the penny press machines! We even get them around town at home.

Walt Disney World Specialty items

If you plan on going to the Chip and Dale campfire roast you will want to bring all the items you need to make smores. You can buy at the resort, but you will save some money bringing it from home. Gum is also something you will want to bring if you want to have it. Gum is not sold anywhere on Disney World property. Walt didn’t want to see it on the ground; therefore he didn’t and still doesn’t sell it.

Do you have any Walt Disney World packing tips? Share them with us in the comments.


Walt Disney World Packing 101