You’re ready for a trip to Walt Disney World but think it is too expensive. Well then, I’m here to help you make that trip happen. Listed below will be the top 10 things to do when visiting Walt Disney World on a budget.

Walt Disney World On a Budget

Walt Disney World Planning

Your first step to any vacation is booking your room. When visiting Disney World there are a few factors to consider. What time of the year will you visit? Typically the off peak seasons are Jan-March, and Sept- early Nov. if making a trip during these times can’t happen because kids are in school or your vacation time from work has a conflict, then you’ll want to look for the moderate peak times. These times are typically April-May and early Dec. The rest of the time available will be peak seasons, simply because that’s when it’s easiest for most people to have a vacation.

Walt Disney World Special Offers

You should be on the lookout for special offers that Disney will put out. These offers can include room discounts, free dining, or even an extra park ticket with the purchase of a certain amount of park tickets. These offers vary depending on the time frame of off peak, moderate, and peak seasons.

Walt Disney World Special Events

There are a number of special events Disney World offers throughout the year. Some of them come along with your normal park admission, while others require a special ticket to be purchased for the event. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) and Mickey’s Magical Christmas Party (MMCP) are two events that require special admission. I

If you plan on attending one of these events then you could cut your tickets down by one day. These party’s start for 7pm, but you’re allowed in the park with this special ticket as early as 4pm. These tickets are cheaper than a one day park ticket and are just the trick to help lower your costs. Plus there are special events that you can only see or experience firing these party’s. The same goes for certain characters!

Walt Disney World Park Tickets

Now that you’ve booked your room you need to buy your park tickets. As mentioned above, you can get a special party ticket to help cut your costs. A one day, one park ticket runs around $100. The more park tickets you buy, the more the price of the park ticket drops. Like most things, when you buy in multiples the cost works out to be cheaper.

Walt Disney World Dining

I’m not going to fib, eating in the parks can get expensive, especially if you want to do sit down meals, or character meals. There are dining plans offered for everyone’s needs. If you do not want to purchase a dining plan with your room and tickets, you certainly do not have to do so.

Food and drink may be brought into the park. The only exceptions to this are glass containers, and the type of storage for your food. Disney does not allow ice chests, however insulated bags are fine. Dimensions on bag sizes allowed can be found on Disney World’s website. Also, some rooms also have a full kitchen. If staying in one of these rooms you may want to consider making your own meals.

If you plan to do lots of character meals, I would suggest to get the dining plan that offers table service meals. Often your character meal will cost just as much as your dining plan for the day, but you will be able to have more than just the character meal in your dining plan for that day.

Walt Disney World Toys/Fans

Light toys are what every kid wants once the sun goes down. Cut your cost by getting Disney themed light up toys/sticks before you leave for your trip. This will significantly cut your costs. Light up toys cost on average $15 in Disney World. You can get these toys for $2-$5 near your home before leaving for your trip. Fans also cost about $15-$20 in average in Disney World. You can also get these online or stores near your home before leaving for your trip. If you are driving you can also consider stopping at an outlet type store near Disney World. You can also get your toys and fans cheaper at these stores than in the parks.

Walt Disney World Attire

Now that your trip is booked, dining plans are arranged, and you’ve started to get things to entertain the children you need to dress the part. Of course you don’t have to wear Disney themed clothing, but hey, why not?!  Check your local stores, goodwill, and consignment type shops. You can find cheaper versions of Disney shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, and hats everywhere! Also, don’t forget those stores just outside Disney for those last minute needs. Here are some more tips on what to pack for your Disney trip. 

Walt Disney World Autograph Books

Now who can resist getting an autograph from a celebrity? Disney characters are celebrity’s to our children, and us big kids too! If you’re crafty you can make one from a notebook, drawing pad, scrapbook paper, or just regular printing paper/card stock. Of course Disney sells these too. Why wouldn’t they? In the parks they will cost about $10-$20 depending on the style of book you get. I got a notepad type book at a store just outside Disney and it was even character themed too! This book was a fraction of the cost in the park. Consider making your own or buying a cheaper kind outside the park.

Walt Disney World Strollers

For those of us who have a child(ren) that still need a stroller I suggest you bring your own. Some questions I have gotten about this is the question of your stroller being stolen. Let’s just address that topic. I’m not going to say that theft doesn’t happen in Disney World, but it less likely to happen there. Everyone is there to have a great time, and theft puts a huge wrench in that plan.You can also rent strollers in the parks or from companies in and around Disney World. Those can all get pretty expensive.

If you just don’t want to bring your own or your child is at that stage where yes they need one, but no they don’t and you still want to have one I would suggest you get one of the cheap kind to bring with you. If you don’t want to bring the stroller home with you, you can always leave it with a person at or around the outside of the park who could use it. Note: airlines do not charge for strollers to be loaded on board the airplane. You just need to get a tag to put on it and leave it at the door when you are getting on the plane.

Pressed Pennies at Walt Disney World 

Pressed pennies are one of the cheapest souvenirs you can get in Disney World. There are machines everywhere!! These super cheap souvenirs only cost $.51!! Though there are some machines that press dimes, and quarters; the majority of the machines press pennies. Go tot the bank and get a roll or two of quarters and a roll of new pennies. Getting new pennies ensures that your souvenir is nice and shinny!

How do you do Walt Disney World on a Budget?



Walt Disney World on a Budget