We’re Going to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World – Virtually!

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Confession: I spend a lot of time planning my perfect Walt Disney World trips! A LOT! I dream about ideas and things to do and what Fastpasses to get, and the flow of our day.

I think this virtual trip is as close as I will get to my perfect Disney day at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Park without skipping the lines with a VIP tour.

Cinderellas Castle 1024x576 1
My favorite sight in all of Magic Kingdom!

Main Street USA

Our day starts on Main Street USA!

Take a minute to look around and see everything. Watch the Dapper Dans and the Main Street Dancers perform the Trolley Show. Aren't they amazing?

I just love them! I could watch them all day!

SNIFF… It smells yummy. We should stop at the Main Street Bakery for a coffee and a bite to eat.

First, we have to meet the main cheese himself, MICKEY MOUSE! While we are there, we should meet Tinkerbelle too. She's so much fun.

Meet Mickey at Magic Kingdom 1024x576 1
HEY Mickey!
Meet Tinkerbelle at Magic Kingdom 1024x576 1
Tinkerbelle is so sassy!

Oh, and don't' forget to stop and watch the Castle Stage Show for a few minutes!


It's time to move on into the world of Tomorrow.

First up is the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, be careful. You don't want to be “that guy.”

After we had a few laughs, let's get ready to help Buzz Lightyear defend the galaxy from the evil Emperor Zurg. How many points did you get? You probably beat me. I'm not that good at this.

Next, we are going to take a ride on the People Mover. Maybe we'll get lucky, and the lights will be up on Space Mountain, and we can see it all!

After that let's take a spin on Astro Orbiter, be careful not to get sick.

Time for a quick break in Carousel of Progress, where there's a great big beautiful tomorrow!

Oh gosh, now that song is stuck in my head! AHHHH

Ok, next up is Space Mountain. Have fun without me though, I'm not a roller coaster fan, so I'm going to sit it out and take a break.

After Space Mountain, we have to test our skills at the Tomorrowland Speedway.

Ok, we're done with Tomorrowland! Did you have fun? Ready to move on? Next up is Fantasyland and Storybook Circus.

Fantasyland and Storybook Circus

This one is a little tricky because of how the lands are shaped, but I think we're going to start at the Tea Cups. Look out for Alice. She likes to hang around here. Maybe you'll bump into her!

So let's take that spin on the Tea Cups, or as my kids call it, “then let's make each other sick ride.”

Next, we'll visit Winnie the Pooh and friends. I hear Pooh and Tiger sometimes hang out here, so be on the look out!

You go ahead and ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Trail. I'm going to take a quick break.

Did you have fun? Time for Dumbo! We can let the kids play while we wait!

Let's take a break, let the kids play in the splash area, and meet Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy.

Casey Jr Splash Area Magic Kingdom 1024x576 1
Bring a change of clothes because this splash area is the perfect place to cool off.
Meet Minnie and Friends at Magic Kingdom 1024x576 1
Hello friends!

Next up Barnstormer!

Next, we're going to visit Ariel in her grotto and take a Journey Under the Sea!

Ariel at Magic Kingdom 1024x576 1
Chatting with Airel about life under the sea!

Oh yay we're back on land! Time to have an Enchanted Tale with Belle!

We should stop for lunch! I personally love the gluten-free chicken nuggets at Pinocchio Village Haus. We should sit by the windows and watch the It's a Small World boats go by!

After lunch, let's hop on Prince Charming Regal Carrousel. Which horse is your favorite?

Next, we're going to visit some of our favorite Disney Princesses in Princess Fairytale Hall.

Disney Princesses at Magic Kingdom 1024x576 1
Tiana invited us over for king cake and gumbo, that means we're besties now right?

After our visit with the princesses, let's go see Mickey's Philharmagic.

Next up, my favorite ride, Peter Pan's Flight. You may actually run into Peter Pan himself, so be on the lookout!

Last but not least, we'll finish up Fantasyland with a trip around the world with It's a Small World.

Oh, but before we leave Fantasyland, check out the Tangled bathrooms. I know that's weird. I'm telling you to check out a bathroom but trust me on this one, ok?

Tangled Bathrooms Magic Kingdom 1 1 1024x576 1
I love a good Disney themed area like the Tangled bathrooms. HINT: There are charging stations built into the seats here.

Liberty Square

The first stop in Liberty Square is the Haunted Mansion. Watch out for hitchhiking ghosts!

Next, let's take a boat ride on the Liberty Square Riverboat, aka the Mark Twain Riverboat.

That was relaxing. We'll end our trip in Liberty Square with the Hall of Presidents. The animatronics amazing me every time!

Next up Frontierland, but first let's watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade.


Howdy Partner, it's time to explore the wild west Disney Style. Grab a turkey leg, and let's visit everyone's favorite bears at the Country Bear Jamboree.

Next, we'll take a trip over to explore Tom Sawyer's Island.

Ok, now it's time for the two mountains in Disney's wild west – Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

Okay, let's take a ride around the Walt Disney World Train park before we move on to Adventureland.


Ahoy Mateys! It's time for some adventure. First, we'll visit with Captian Jack and his pirate crew. Be on the lookout for Caption Hook. He likes to linger around these parts.

After we visit our favorite pirates, let's head over to the Jungle Cruise for our jungle expedition and see the backside of water! WARNING: There will be bad dad jokes.

Whew made it back. Glad you didn't fall for Trader Sam's deal.

Now that we are back safely on dry land, let's go fly some magic carpets.

That was fun! Now we can watch the birds put on a show in the Tiki Room.

Let's take a break and get a Dole Whip and meet Aladdin and Jasmine before we tackle the Swiss Family Treehouse. I hear the views from the top are breathtaking.

Dole Whip and Aladdin and Jasmine Magic Kingdom 1 1 1024x576 1
Yummy treats and meeting new friends.

OMG, we did it! We did everything in the Magic Kingdom in one day. GO US!

Now it's time to grabs some dinner or some ice cream (totally a dinner choice when you're at Disney) and find our spots for Happily Ever After.

Thank you for exploring Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom with me. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Ready to explore Epcot?

When you're ready to explore Walt Disney World for real, fill out this form for a free quote or email me at cara@magicaldestintationstravel.com.

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