Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park

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I love birds. Growing up we had cockatiels, cockatoos and African Greys. There was even a time where we raised baby birds. And while I can't have one of my own at the moment, I found a place here in Pensacola that allows me to visit and love on some fine feathered friends. That place is Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park. It's one of those off the beaten path attractions in Pensacola that you have to visit and it's perfect for the whole family.

About Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park

Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park is a parrot rescue and sanctuary. However, they have a variety of birds includes a few peacocks and emus. The park is completely staffed by volunteers and is a non-profit. Their mission is twofold – first it's to provide a home for unwanted birds. The second is to educate the public through public shows and daily tours on what it is like to own a parrot and about parrot lifestyles.


Things You Need To Know When Visiting Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park

They only accept cash at Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park. The cost of admission is $5 for adults, $2 for children 7-13 and children 6 and under are FREE. Active duty personnel, veterans and their families can receive $1 off admission with their ID. They also have group rates.

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Your admission gets you a cup of food to feed the birds. Food includes corn, bread, peanuts, apple slices and other foods that the birds love. We learned as we interacted with the birds that they each had their own favorite food and corn on the cob seemed to be the most LOVED.  The volunteers will show you how to feed the birds to minimize the chance of getting bitten (yes birds bite). There are some birds you will be asked not to feed. If the cups you are given aren't enough, you can always purchase extra.

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Be sure to wear bug spray when visiting the park. The mosquitos are really bad. They also provide you with some before you go into the park. We didn't put it on and within 5 minutes we were back for bug spray. When they say wear bug spray, they mean wear bug spray. I would also suggest wearing comfortable closed toe shoes.

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Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park Operating Hours

Uncle Sandy's staff is volunteers so the hours are subject to their availability.

From March 1st through September 30th they are closed Monday through Wednesday and open:

  • Thursday ~  10am – 3pm
  • Friday ~ 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday ~ 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday ~ 1-4pm

From October 1st through February 28th they are closed Monday through Thursday and open:

  • Friday ~ 10am – 4pm
  • Saturday ~ 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday ~ 1-4pm

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Location of Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park

Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park is located at 9513 n. Palafox Rd, Pensacola, FL 32534.

We had a great time visiting Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park and know you will too.

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