Three Reasons You NEED To Buy Girl Scout Cookies

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It’s my 3rd favorite time of year, and I don’t mean spring in New Orleans. Which is great, but… It’s Cookie Time! Girl Scout Cookie time, to be exact.

The troops should be getting their cookies this week, and not the fun begins! This is when you will see little girls asking you to buy cookies everywhere around town. If you didn’t know, there is an unwritten rule that says if a cute little girl asks you to buy cookies, you buy them.

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Why? You may ask. Why should I pay $4 a box ($5 a box for some of the newer cookies and the gluten-free cookies) when I can go inside this grocery store and buy the same cookies cheaper? I’ll tell you why and it has everything to do with the little girl that asks you to buy those cookies.

Here are three reasons why you should buy Girl Scout Cookies

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Cookie Sales Help The Girls Learn Life Skills

That little girl is part of the biggest girl-led business in the world.

Cookies are more than a fundraiser, they are a business for Girl Scout Troops troops. The girls spend hours preparing for cookie season. They role play, learn money skills, learn communication and social skills, learn business ethics and marketing and set goals.

A lot of troops including my old troops set BIG goals that will probably never be reached because goals are good (Go big or go home right?).

Then the girls take everything we’ve worked on, and they put it to use selling cookies. They are little go-getters too. They work hard.

Cookie Sales Support Troop Activities

The money they earn during cookie seasons supports the troop throughout the year. It helps fun memberships, field trips, camping trips, parties, supplies, and more. The more we made during cookie season, the less we had to ask from parents.

You’re helping make those wonderful experiences happen when you buy a box of cookies.

The Proceeds Stay With the Local Council

Did you know that the money from cookie sales after the baker is paid stays local? Talk about shopping local!

All of the revenue earned from cookie activities—every penny after paying the baker—stays with the local Girl Scout council. Each council determines its own revenue structure depending on its cookie cost, local retail price, and the amount shared with participating troops and groups.

Our council provides many activities for the girls at discounted prices, along with summer camp at the three camps run by Girl Scouts Louisiana East.

The money from cookie sales helps keep the camps up to date and keeps camp fees low, and it provides financial help to girls who can’t afford Girl Scouts or camp.

Where you can buy Girl Scout Cookies?

Just go to the Girl Scout Cookie website and enter your zip code at the bottom, and it will give you a list of where you can find cookie booths in your area. You can also order cookies online and have them delivered to your door!

Please remember to mask up and follow social distance guidelines to help keep the girls safe due to COVID 19.

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