If you are like most people, you want to take a trip to Walt Disney World when the kids aren’t in school. This means going during a holiday or over the summer. It’s just as hot there as it is any other place in the south in the summer! However, there are ways you can stay cool. Here is a list of places and ways that are great for cooling off at Walt Disney World.

Cooling off at Walt Disney World

Shopping In Walt Disney World

Who doesn’t like to go shopping? Are you with me on this one ladies? There are shops almost everywhere in Disney World. These shops are mostly in an air-conditioned building. If it’s not indoors, there is at least a covering that likely has a fan. If you’re like me, you can spend what seems like hours in a shop. Ok, it’s not hours, but when you are trying to beat the heat and do some shopping every precious moment in there seems like an oasis!

Indoor Ride Queues in Walt Disney World

There are several, quite a few, rides that have indoor queues. Hit up these rides in the middle of the day when the heat is the greatest. You may even want to bypass getting fast passes for these rides. Besides missing a bunch of the scenery along the way, you’ll miss out on a bunch of the air-condition too! There are also some rides that have covered queues. Even though you are outside you are under a covering and not under the sweltering sun. These queues may also have fans along the way to help circulate the air.

Walt Disney World Shows

There are many shows you can view in various places. Most of these shows are in an air-conditioned building. Some may be under a covered area. These shows can last anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes. Some may last a little bit longer. There’s another good thing about these areas…they are also a good place to bring a napping child. Not only is it cool, it’s usually darker.

Splash Areas in Walt Disney World

There’s not that many splash areas that aren’t in the water parks. Magic Kingdom has one near the Dumbo ride in Fantasy Land. This splash area is pretty large and very fun! Another splash area is in Epcot. This area is very small and is really more of just water that sprinkles up from the ground. There are no objects splashing the water around, however the kids will still have fun running in the water. There also a few in Disney Springs.

Please note: in either area kids should have shoes and proper clothing. Walt Disney World doesn’t allow babies to run around with only diapers on. Toddlers and other kids should wear shirt/shorts or swimsuits. These rules are strictly for the safety of everyone.

 Walt Disney World Monorail

Who can forget the “ride” that takes you to parks and resorts?! The monorail is air-conditioned, kids can stay in strollers, and is a unique way to see some of Disney World. You can spend an afternoon monorail resort hopping. You can see what these resorts have to offer and stay cool all at the same time!

Water parks in Walt Disney World 

Disney has two water parks that are open seasonally each year. These water parks are a great way to keep cool and have a great time! The water parks are like your typical water parks with a Disney twist.

Walt Disney World Resort Pools

Each resort has a pool or two in the complex. Don’t forget to check out all the fun activities offered in the pool area each day!

Walt Disney World Restaurants

Most of the eatery places are indoors or at least covered. Part of staying cool includes staying hydrated. Meals are one of the easiest times to take in some fluids. Don’t forget to ask for a free cup of water at any quick service location!

Other Tips For Cooling Off At Walt Disney World

We all know in general to stay cool we need to stay hydrated, find shade, and maybe get some help from a fan or two.

If you have kids traveling with you in a stroller I highly suggest getting a clip on fan for the stroller. They make them these days with foam blades or even bladeless. While you can purchase these in the park, you can save some money by purchasing these before you leave and bringing it with you.

You can bring food and drink into the parks as long as there’s no glass. One of the best tips is to freeze a bottle of water. First open it and take a sip. Next, place in freezer overnight. When you are ready to leave in the morning grab your frozen water bottles. Throughout the day they will start to melt/defrost and you will have cold water.

Don’t forget as mentioned above, quick service locations will give you a cup of water for free…just ask for it!

You can also wet and freeze face cloths/hand towels and bring those along to wrap around your neck.

What are your tips for cooling off at Walt Disney World?


Beating the summer heat at Walt Disney World