Adventures You Need Take This Summer In New Orleans With Kids

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Summer is the best time to get the kids out of the house and really explore the outdoors. Here is a list of ten fun adventures you can take this summer in New Orleans with kids.  These are sure to keep your explorers entertained! Be sure to pack the sunscreen and bug spray. Sponsored by Lolo’s Youth Yoga + Fitness


Camp in a tent! Kids love to sleep outdoors. Being out of your comfort zone is exciting. If being away from the comforts of home isn’t your jam, pop up the tent in the backyard.


 Grab chairs, boxes, sprinklers, balls, hula hoops, bubbles and anything else you can grab. Show the kids how to do it by going through it yourself. They will love watching you dip and dive through the course. Once they get tired of running through, let them take turns designing a new course!


One of our favorites is Sugar Roots Farm. There are lots of animals for the kids to view and some to pet. We also enjoyed going to Grow Dat. This is a produce garden. They both have self-directed tours that are open to the public on Saturdays. Plan about 30 minutes for Grow Dat and at least an hour for Sugar Roots.


Watch a sunrise or sunset and paint! Pick up a canvas and paint at a local store and let them paint the scenery. After it dries, hang it up at home. The canvas makes an easy display!


Take a hike! Use our scavenger hunt to collect some fun outdoor finds. Later, have them use the new treasures to make a nature collage. The Audubon Nature Center is a great place to do this! Click picture to download scavenger hunt! 

Summertime Outdoor Adventures Scavenger Hunt


This tree is located in City Park. It is located near the museum, close to Wisner Blvd. On a windy day, there is nothing more perfect than a picnic beneath this tree. Grab a blanket and enjoy a beautiful day!


This is a New Orleans tradition that every child should experience. Head over to the Lakefront or the nearest levee near you. Bring a large piece of cardboard and slide away!

CREATE A KID’S CARWASH!                                                                                 

Use PVC pipe, pool noodles, sprinklers, sponges and mop heads to create a car wash for your kids to drive through with their bikes and toy cars. It’s a great way to stay cool and have fun on a hot day!


This is so much fun and can be done in different ways. One option is to set up blankets and pillows and kick back to watch the movie. For a drive-in twist, decorate a cardboard box to look like a car. For snacks, make a popcorn bar complete with freshly popped popcorn and a variety of toppings.  The screen can be as simple as using your TV and DVD player. Another option is to hang a twin bed sheet and project the movie. Now, all that is left is to pick a family favorite and enjoy!


Jean Lafitte is located in Marrero. They offer a free Wetlands Walk at 10 am every Wednesday through Sunday. A ranger will take you on a boardwalk trail through the swamp and marsh. The tour explores different trails throughout the week. There are also self guided trails and cell phone tours.

Go to Camp at Lolo’s Youth Yoga + Fitness

Lolo's is a health and wellness and youth empowerment studio. We use art, fun fitness, yoga and meditation to build strong, healthy bodies for life. Kids are reporting higher levels of stress and anxiety. At Lolo’s, we help kids have fun and learn how to destress, relax and tune into their bodies and emotions.

What a perfect way to spend a week this summer, learning how to relax and destress, something we should all do more.

Learn more about all of what Lolo's has to offer this summer by visiting them online, on Facebook and on Instagram.

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What adventures are you taking this summer? 

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