Everyone has a favorite. Ask any person in the New Orleans area and they will all give you a different answer as to which snoball stand is their favorite. Here are our favorite snoball stands in Jefferson Parish,  why we like them and our favorite flavors.

Plum St. Snoballs – Lafreniere Park

“I like Plum St. Snowballs because it’s conveniently located inside the park. There is room to relax and eat your snowballs, plus a place for the kids to run off all that sugar they just ate. I also don’t have to worry about parking or the kids (when they were younger) running into a busy street while I was dealing with our snowball order.  I always order the iced coffee snowball. It’s a must for busy moms. If you like coffee, especially ice coffee, this snowball is for you. ” ~ Cara

Sal’s Snoballs – Metairie Road

“Sal’s has the best because they have great ice and are consistent. They are quick and efficient as well. I love chocolate with condensed milk on top!” ~ Nicole

“I have great memories as a child of walking to Sal’s in the evenings with my parents and grandparents. Sal’s is a Metairie Rd staple and almost like a comfort food. I like to get a tangerine snowball “stuffed” with vanilla ice cream. It tastes like a dreamsicle but not as sweet. Chocolate mint is second favorite flavor.” ~ Alyse

Casey’s Snowballs – West Esplanade and Clearview

“Casey’s is my fave because it’s close to home and has the best chocolate snowballs. My fave flavor is chocolate with condensed milk. I normally order that or ice cream with condensed milk.” ~ Stephanie

“Casey’s because they have good ice and the best chocolate snowball in Nola. Always get chocolate stuffed or ice cream” ~ Lisa

Flavor’s Snoballs – Vintage (Kenner)

“Flavors is great family owned and run business. Their ice is great! They also help by giving back to the community. I love to try all their unique concoctions! They also offer dole whips!! The pineapple dole whip brings you right back to Disney world! I love the giradelli chocolate but sometimes I get ice cream flavored too!” ~ Nicole

“I love their bridesmaids cake concoction it’s so so delicious! They are always bringing some new ideas” ~ Shana

The Sweet Shack –  Stumpf Blvd (Westbank)

“I love the Sweet Shack because of one thing: the drive thru! They have a huge list of available flavors. My favorite snoball is the Pink Lady (Nectar Cream) stuffed with ice cream! If you’d prefer something salty? No problem! They have you covered. Nachos, pickles, hot dogs…you name it! The Sweet Shack is where it’s at!” ~ Hope

The Big Chill Snoballs – Off David Dr. right outside Lafreniere Park

“Since it’s right outside the park, it’s my out when I want to leave the park with my daughter. She gets a sweet treat and I get to leave! It’s a win win! My favorite flavor is wedding cake.” ~ Marion

Ro-Bears Snowballs – Jefferson Hwy (Harahan)

“Robears is the best snoball in Harahan/river ridge Area – family owned and operated – my fav is half coconut half chcocolate.” ~ Tiffany

The Pint Sized NOLA Snowball Challenge

A few summers ago the Pint Sized NOLA kids went around and tasted snoballs from local stands. Here are their thoughts on the subject.

What’s your favorite snoball stand? What flavors should we try?


Snoball stands in Jefferson Parish