Prevent Summer Slide and Have Fun Doing It!

mom reading to child outside

Summer is a time for relaxation and fun! It is also a time that teachers refer to as the “Summer Slide.”

Summer Slide is when kids lose some of the gains they made during the school year. Let’s face it, unless we keep our brains constantly engaged; some stuff gets lost. 

Reading is the best way to avoid this and still have fun! Here is a list of fun ideas to keep the kids reading all summer long!

This post is sponsored by Arden Cahill Camp Corral 

mom reading to child outside

Read together

This is a fantastic bonding activity, and children really benefit from hearing a fluent adult read to them. Have an older child? Read with them, too! Everyone loves to share a story.

Let them choose the book

Don’t worry too much about the types of books they are reading. Let them choose what they enjoy. They often get told what to read in school. Summer should be a time to explore and enjoy books.

Audiobooks are OK!

Many children struggle with stamina to read longer novels. Audiobooks, when well done, can be almost like a performance. Audiobooks develop listening and comprehension skills. They make more difficult novels accessible to younger or struggling readers. While it shouldn’t be the only type of reading they do, embrace the Audiobook

Get a library card!

Explore your local library. There are storytime activities, books, and audiobooks, and all of it is free!!! Make sure your child has a library card and use it frequently.

Provide Reading Incentives

While we all wish kids would read for the love of reading, that is not a reality. Reading can be hard work! It is ok to provide incentives! We include a BINGO board in this article. Have your child explore different ways to read and types of books using our BINGO board.

Send Them To Camp Corral

At Camp Corral, they believe children should never take a vacation from learning; that is why Camp Corral also offers the option to take study classes in conjunction with summer play camp.  Summer study classes are only offered to campers registered for the full session 1 or full session 2. So sign up today!

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Have a “whale” of a summer on the 12-acre country campus of Arden Cahill Academy’s Camp Corral.

Cahill Camp Corral offers a relaxed environment where children continue to grow and develop during the summer months under qualified teachers and experienced instructors' supervision.

Activities and amenities include horseback riding, swimming, art, theater productions, sports, game room, petting farm, laptop lounge, academic enrichment classes, field days, color relay, luau, 80’s glow party, fishing, water slide, bounce house, overnight camp “in”, archery, riflery, STEAM lab, discovery and much more.

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Campers ages 3-14 are welcome to attend (camper must turn 4 by Sept. 30). Conveniently located on the West Bank (10 minutes from the GNO Bridge), the camp runs 9:00 am-3:00 pm before, and after-care is available.

Hot lunches can be provided for an additional fee.

Session 1 dates are May 28 – June 28, and Session 2 dates are July 1 – August 2 with an option for weekly rates.

For more information or to register now, visit Camp Corral online at ArdenCahillAcademy.com or give us a call at 504-392-0902 between 8 am and 4 pm M-F.

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