You have booked your Walt Disney World trip and are counting down the days. You start to think of all the things you will bring and question yourself about what camera you will use. Will I use the camera on my phone, do I bring my point and shoot, or should I bring my high quality camera? You start thinking that you want the best quality pictures and decide to bring your high quality camera. But is it worth it to lug around your high quality camera? In my opinion, no. Why lug that camera around when there are plenty, and I mean plenty, of people taking pictures for you with those cameras? This service is called Memory Maker. Lets learn some more about Disney’s Memory Maker.

Disney's Memory Maker

This is a service you can purchase prior to arrival at a discounted price. Don’t worry, if you decide not to do this you can still purchase after the trip, but you won’t receive the discount.  All pictures are linked to your photo pass via your magic band. You can stop at as many photo pass cast members as you wish. You get more than just one shot per cast member. Still not convinced? Keep reading, I have faith that you will purchase Disney’s Memory Maker.


The first plus is the discount you receive for purchasing this before you arrive. It’s not a huge discount, but it’s worth it to already have it added. You will get some information in the mail explaining the service.

Photo Pass Cast Members

Stop at every photo pass cast member you see! Ok, well maybe not all of them, after all you do want to experience Disney World too right?! There are literally hundreds of these cast members spread out throughout all the parks. You can find them upon entering each park. If there is a nice background, you will find a photo pass cast member. Even if you don’t stop at everyone you see you can still end up with over a hundred pictures without trying too hard!

Magic Shots

Ok, so anyone can take a picture for you. This is true, but can they add things to your pictures? What kind of things you ask? Magic Shots featuring Tinkerbell, Stitch, Olaf and so on. You should always ask the photo pass cast member if they have any magic shots. The won’t tell you what they are inserting, it’s a surprise, but they will pose you and tell you what kind of faces to make. Sometimes they even add a video!


Here’s where it gets better! There’s no way you can take a picture of yourself while on a ride. Selfie sticks are banned and on most rides you can’t hold onto your phone to take a picture. Well with the Memory Maker you can get these photos! Some rides, varies throughout the different parks, will snap pictures of you on the ride! If one doesn’t have the Memory Maker they can purchase these pictures at each ride that offers it, but that can get pricey. These pictures and perhaps a video or two of you on the ride will be included. Yes, I said video! It is more amazing than you could imagine!!


There’s more! I know, how could there be more?! Let’s think about dining. You have scheduled those character dining experiences that you know your little one(s) will love. Photo pass cast members are there to help you document some character greetings at certain character dining experiences. Some character dining experiences will allow you to meet a character and take a picture before dining. Once again, you may purchase these separately, but it gets to be expensive.


There’s one last place you can find the photo pass cast members. Any attraction that has a meet and greet or any character you find out and about in the park will have a photo pass cast member with them.


This is truly a great product! Once you have returned from your trip you can edit these pictures by adding borders, dates, characters, signatures, and other clip art pictures. These are only things you will find in the Memory Maker package. No other photo editing application will have these exclusive items.

Do you love Disney’s Memory Maker as much as we do?


Seven Reasons Why You Need Disney's Memory Maker