Teen dating is scary territory for parents. Often, parents have to find the line between being supportive and still making sure teens makes good, safe decisions. Dating is a difficult road to navigate for anyone. Add in the hormones and lack of impulse control that we associate with being a teenager and that difficulty increases. According to Youth.gov, ten percent of heterosexual teens report experience with physical, emotional or sexual abuse. The number is thirty percent for teens who identify as LGBTQ.

Prevention is the best way to rectify the horrifying statistics. Prevention starts at home. Keep the line of communication open. Studies have shown that high levels of parental bonding is the best way to prevent teen dating violence.

Education is also a great method of prevention. The St. Charles Parish Library is partnering with Child Advocacy Services and offering Safe Dates classes.  Ages 12-17 can participate. According to the library website, the goal of the course is to teach teens to “recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and controlling, manipulative, or abusive relationships.” Youth.gov rates this program as effective in preventing teen dating violence. It is a one night, two hour interactive course. This course is completely free but registration is required. 

Register here: http://myscpl.evanced.info/signup/list?df=list&nd=60&kw=dates

Locations, dates and times.

Paradis Library  307 Audubon Street     July 11   4-6 pm

St. Rose Library 90 East Club Drive        July 12   4-6 pm

West Regional Library  105 Lakewood Drive    July 19   6-7:30 pm