How To Raise a Self Confident Child

self confident child

Parenting is HARD. We have 18 years to transform these little humans into confident, functioning adults. It seems like an impossible feat. However, I know you can do it! Here are five ways to raise a self confident child.

Model Self Confidence

The best way to raise a confident child is to be confident yourself. Children do what they see and if they have self confident role models, they are more likely to be self confident themselves. I know there will be times when you don't feel confident or you're struggling with something. We've all been there. During those times, you're going to have to “fake it until you make it”.

Allow Them To Fail, While Setting Them Up For Success

As parents we should never set our kids up for failure. We should always be their biggest fans and advocates and set them up to succeed at life. However, our kids also need to learn how to fail and lose. Because failure is a part of life and all the most successful people in life have failed more than once. So while we set them up for success, we have to then step back and let them make their own mistakes and be there to pick them up when they fail, dust them off and show them they must try again. This sets them up for success, while allowing them to fail in a safe loving environment.

Expect Them To Help

Kids like to help, well they did when they were toddlers. And they should help around the house, with their siblings or if you own a business, in your business. These are life skills they will need to succeed in life. These skills will also build their self confidence.

Give Them Choices

Another thing you can do to help your child gain self confidence is to give them choices. Start when they are toddlers with simple things such as do you want the red cup or blue cup? Would you like to wear the purple shirt or the red dress today? This will help them gain the confidence to make the bigger and harder choices when they get older. Another thing, as they grow older help them reason through their choices. This helps them again gain the confidence to make the right choice when you aren't around.


This one seems simple but I think it's probably the MOST important. Love them, let them know every single day they are loved. That even when they failed, or they did something horrible, or they misbehaved, that you LOVE them. That you love them unconditionally and completely.  Raising a Self Cofident Child

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