While I’d rather be spending my time scrolling through the feed on VarageSale, the kiddos aren’t as excited when I score an adorable Polo dress for $1. So I started playing around on Pinterest, checking out my mom friends’ Facebook feed, and searching trusty old Google to find some really fun things to do with kids when it’s storming with no end in sight. So I put together this list of fifteen rainy day activities for busy moms like myself and you.

1. Make paper airplanes. Step it up a notch and make a poster with holes to teach the kids how to aim the planes through the holes.

2. Bake cookies. Don’t let that roll of slice-and-bake expire! Decorate them if you have the supplies on hand. If not, just enjoy eating some boring old cookies!

3. Lay in the living room and watch your Disney movie collection. Sleeping bags, blankets, whatever you need to be comfy on the floor!

4. Art time! Make the grandmas some artwork for their fridge! Grab paper, markers, crayons, and stickers to create masterpieces made with love!

5. Are your windows fogging up from the humidity? Draw on them!

6. Send drawings or letters to family or friends. Grab some paper, crayons, markers, stickers, etc and send smiles across the miles.

7. Have a 2×4 lying around? Make it a balance beam!

8. Need to pick up blocks or balls scattered around the house? Grab a basket and see how many you can get in the basket before you miss!

9. Have a large box waiting for trash day? Put your kid inside with some crayons and the mess stays inside!

10. Go on an alphabet treasure hunt! Start with A and find things in the house that start with the letters of the alphabet.

11. Put on their swimsuits and “swim” in the tub! Let them eat suckers without worrying about the sticky hands and faces, blow bubbles, play with washable paint… it’ll all go down the drain when you’re done.

12. Turn up the volume and have a dance party! I’d bet the kids would love jamming to NKOTB, BSB, and TLC… and if not, you will!

13. Balloons can be endless fun. Tap them to keep them from hitting the ground, make paddles out of popsicle sticks and paper plates for balloon ping pong, draw faces on them and do a balloon puppet show… pop them and they’re gone!

14. Building block towers seem to be all the rage at my house. The kids try to build the tallest towers and love building together.

15. Trace objects on paper. You’ll be amazed how different things look when you only see the outline. Then have fun coloring them in.

For more rainy day activities, check out our Pinterest board!

What are your favorite rainy day activities for busy moms?