Our team was lucky enough to be invited to RaceTrac’s housewarming party and meet their executive chef. What, a gas station housewarming party? With an executive chef? We thought the same thing and couldn’t wait to see what the new RaceTrac stores in New Orleans were all about!

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New Stores Plus FREE WIFI At RaceTrac

When designing the new stores, RaceTrac took the needs of each location into consideration. The new stores are gorgeous, modern and meet the needs of the community they are a part of. There is free wifi for guests and plugs in the outdoor seating areas to accommodate folks working on the go. Our team has always appreciated RaceTrac’s well-lit gas pumps and clean bathrooms, but they’ve elevated their stores so far above and beyond.

RaceTrac’s New Menu and Food Options

The real story is in their new menu items and exclusive lines. This menu carefully crafted by Chef Ashleigh Michaels. Their “Made to Order” wraps, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas are truly made to order. Smoothies will also soon joining the lineup too.

RaceTrac’s Swirl World

RaceTrac’s Swirl World stations are customized by location. Different regions will feature different flavors. You will also be able to choose from up to 41 toppings, including fresh fruit.

New Coffee Bars at RaceTrac Stores

RaceTrac’s Crazy Good Coffee really is crazy good. This isn’t your average gas station coffee, more closely resembling a local coffee bar with their options, toppings, and flavors. They also expect to roll out “Bean to Cup” coffee in 2018, where you’ll be able to select your roast, grind the beans, and have it freshly brewed on the spot!

New Products at RaceTrac

They now carry their own exclusive lines of snacks, chips, candy, drinks, and did we mention wine? Yes, you can get gas, pick up dinner, grab a bottle of wine and candy, and use a clean restroom all in one stop!

You can also download the free RaceTrac app  to track rewards, use coupons, and receive exclusive offers!

Have you been inside one of the new stores? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!