I love to swimming. It has always been one of my favorite past times, and I have happily passed that down to all of my children. It’s such a great way to have fun, let my kids burn off all that energy they have, as well as great exercise. It’s also the best way to keep cool during the summer  in New Orleans besides A/C. Who am I kidding it’s not just summer we swim to keep cool. Here in NOLA, sometimes it’s like “winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call. And I’ll be there…” .

All jokes aside, having a pool is a huge responsibility. Not only is it tremendously important to make sure no one swims unsupervised, but you also have to make sure you take proper precautions when no one is in the pool. In children ages 1-4, drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death, how scary is that! Two of the most important things you can do to make swimming safer are get CPR certified, and make sure everyone is a great swimmer by taking swimming lessons from our amazing sponsor             .

Since my husband says I’m overprotective, I have thought of pretty much everything. So, hopefully you can benefit from my super overbearing ways where safety is concerned in our Pool Safety Tips sponsored by Love Swimming. 

Use Common Sense

Ok folks, yes use your common sense! I may not have much, but even I know it is not safe to run around a pool. You’ll also want to keep horse play to a minimum, no diving in shallow waters is key, be cautious of others around you, never leave children unattended, no pushing and if a water slide is involved please go feet first. It is also recommended that you do not drink alcohol and swim, although I am not sure this is a legal offense, it probably is not the safest thing especially if you are the adult in charge.  

Avoid Technical Difficulties

These are a wide variety of things, but some you may not have thought of, and can prevent injury.

  • Line pool areas and diving boards with anti-slip material like vinyl traction strips or a pool paint primer.
  • Make sure to keep all electrical equipment away from the wet areas and pool itself.
  • Make sure all pool equipment is installed properly
  • Check to make sure all ladders, cleaning equipment, toys, etc. are clean, working properly, and in good condition.
  • Mark all water levels clearly
  • If you need to put a “NO DIVING” sign, then do so
  • Make sure there are no sharp objects in or around the pool.
  • Make sure there are no toys laying around for anyone to trip on, or toys too small for babies or pets to get ahold of.

Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are a much cheaper option for families to enjoy a splashing good time. However, there are a few precautions you must take in order to ensure your family and guests remain safe.

  • If you have a “baby pool”, be sure to empty the water out, clean it and store it properly after each use.
  • Make sure you remove the ladder and store it away from the pool when you are finished swimming if possible.
  • Install a 4ft. fence around the pool with a lock and alarm if possible.
  • Purchase a safety cover for your pool.
  • Invest in a perimeter alarm, above ground pool alarm or infrared motion detector for the pool.
  • If you have a retractable ladder, I would definitely suggest an alarm or possibly a cover to make it unclimbable.
  • Have an alarm sensor installed on your doors to your home alerting you if someone goes out to the yard.
  • Keep the doors to your home locked.
  • Make sure the pool is not within reach of trees, buildings, swing sets, etc. that can be used to jump off of.

Built In Pools

Built to last a lifetime, but make sure you keep up with wear and tear, and any maintenance needed to the surfacing of the pool and tiles for safety.

  • A 4ft. fence with a lock and self-latching gate is highly recommended.
  • Make sure there are no wiggly railings.
  • Install an underwater alarm or perimeter alarm.
  • Make sure pool drain covers are up to code.
  • There are several pool safety nets that are great and easy to secure and remove.
  • Consider a safety pool cover.
  • Install door and window alarms.
  • Make sure you have Anti-entrapment equipment installed.

People, Pets & Pools

We need to protect ourselves just as much as we ensure our pool is safe. This means keeping our bodies and skin healthy.

  • Use plenty of sunscreen.
  • Reapply sunscreen.
  • If you still get burnt, check out some of these tried and true sunburn remedies.
  • Stay hydrated, the saying goes water water all around, but not a drop to drink for a reason. Don’t drink the pool water! Do drink lots of filtered water though.
  • Make sure you eat, and although I am not sure if the 20 minute rule is a myth or not, just wait the 20 minutes.
  • Have fun, splash and just keep swimming.

We also need to protect our pets around inground pools. Unless your pet can jump into your above ground pool.

  • Teach your pet where the steps are if they fall in.
  • Get them accustomed to the water at a young age.
  • Do not use soft/floating pool covers if you have a pet, they are deceptive and can cause drowning.
  • Consider installing an alarm or fence.
  • Do not leave toys, especially pool noodles laying around for them to get ahold of.

To protect both pets and people, always make sure the chemicals are at a proper level in the pool in addition to being stored safely.


Finally, not to freak anyone out, but be sure to pay attention and watch for dry drowning or secondary drowningAlthough it is not extremely common, and not always fatal, it is something to look out for. Also watch out for shallow water blackout. 

Now that I have overloaded you with pool safety tips, go on get some swimming lessons from Love Swimming and have a swimmingly fun summer!

About Love Swimming

At Love Swimming, they have a passion for teaching students of all ages in a way that is fun and builds confidence. With safe, small classes, they strive to provide swimmers with a strong foundation for a lifetime of love and respect for the water.They believe that swimming is the best exercise for babies, kids and adults, and strive to teach in a way that always encourages individuals to explore beyond their fears and expectations. Their facility uses heated, salt-water pools to create an ideal learning environment where swimmers are always warm and comfortable. This is key to accelerating the learning process and developing strong safety skills. Their facilities also offer changing rooms, storage cubbies, and a shower room. And best of all, we are open all year round. Thanks to having an indoor facility, rain nor cold will stop your child from learning how to swim. Love Swimming began in 2002 after the founders taught hundreds to swim at Newman School in Uptown New Orleans. Soon families started bringing younger siblings to lessons, and though they made progress and loved teaching very young students, the cool water and the large pool created many obstacles for the little ones.

They attended a reputable Water Babies conference where we learned about above ground pools that can be heated and outfitted with salt water systems. This would make it easier on swimmers’ hair, skin, and eyes. After locating a small office on Magazine Street whose owner allowed them to place a pool inside, we opened on Valentine’s Day 2002. Within a year or so, they outgrew the tiny space and purchased a warehouse on South Front Street where they placed two pools and were able to teach multiple classes at once, making lessons more convenient for families with more than one swimmer. They feel VERY grateful to ALL of their former and current students for believing in them and making their dreams come true at Love Swimming. Thank you! Thank you! They work diligently to ensure that lessons are effective, safe, and FUN for students of all ages.

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Pool Safety Tips Every Parent Needs To Know