{One Mom’s Opinion} Why the Walk Up Movement Will Hurt Our Kids


This weekend in a sleepy quiet subdivision in Metairie, a woman was shot by her husband. Days before she was shot another domestic situation happened in the same subdivision where a young man stabbed his parents because they asked him to turn his noise down. What do either of these situations have to do with the Walk Up Movement? A lot actually.

The Walk Up Movement was created by a middle school teacher in response to the National Walk Out that happened yesterday.


The biggest issue this movement has for me has to do with the two domestic disputes above. The Walk Up movement sets our kids up to be abused and in abusive relationships. If the woman shot (who was one of the nicest people you ever want to meet BTW) was just nicer to her husband, he wouldn't have shot her. If those parents were just nicer to their son, he wouldn't have stabbed them. We would NEVER in a million years say that. Yet we're telling our children to be nicer to the kid that wants to hurt them so they don't get shot. It's domestic violence gaslighting 101.

The child sitting alone, he knows the kids coming to him are being forced. It's a fake friendship, it's fake niceties. This is worse than just being left alone. It also screws more with his mental health causing him to go deeper into himself. This movement may actually create the next school shooter, not stop it.

Furthermore, why are we putting the onus on children to stop the next school shooting? It's not their job. It's OUR job. It's on us as adults. There are so many ways we can prevent this from happening again from gun control to better access to mental health care for those that need it. To just listening to kids when they tell us another child is a problem. The kids in Parkland had been reporting their shooter to adults since middle school. No one was shocked it was him because of his past. Walking Up to him wouldn't have kept him from killing 17 people, it would have put more kids in danger.

We all should be nicer for the good of the world. However, asking kids to do our jobs and put themselves in abusive relationships is NEVER ok. Blaming them when they get shot is NEVER ok. We adults need to do better for them.

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