{One Mom’s Opinion} Dear Fellow Parade Goers, We Have To Talk

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We have to talk. A serious one. A big one because some things have to change if we are going to continue having fun during Carnival. 

Look, we are all out there to have a good time and catch all the stuff. We all want the beads and the cups and all the awesome throws that the riders are throwing to us. 

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But fellow parade goer, I need you to stop chasing floats. Nothing is worth it. NOTHING. 

You would think after two deaths this week at parades, we as a city would have learned this lesson. We (collective we) have not. 

How do I know?

Because I am returning home from Nyx/Pandora with bruised toes from having them smashed by float chasers, I have had to hold on to the back of my eleven-year-olds shirt as grown women mowed her over for what is nothing more than a bunch of junk they will throw away next week. 

Is your life really worth it?

Is the life of your fellow parade goer worth it?

What happens when you knock a small child under a float because you just had to have that throw?

What are you teaching the next generation of parade goers? 

We can preach to our kids not to chase floats but when the kids see adults doing it, guess what they do? Yep, they chase the floats too. 

So let’s have fun, but let’s also respect each other’s space so we all can have a great time. 

Because nothing coming off those floats is worth your life, my life, or the fight that will happen when you step on the wrong person's foot or push the wrong child. NOTHING 

Let's have a safe and Happy Mardi Gras y'all! OK?

Arden Cahill Summer Camp

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  • You are absolutely right! We were in the same “spot” for two days but as the sun went down and Bacchus took to the streets, hoards of drunk, scantily clad Tulane students came together and literally pushed their way passed us to get to the curb which was only a foot or two in front of us ( where our children were) they made it appear as if they were going to cross the street but just stood there, letting their friends into the space too, they had no regard for anyone and just stood there inappropriately touching each other and not even concerned about the parade- it was disgusting and they were not from NOLA . They seemed to be rebellious rich kids who were away from home for the first time and doing things only because they could get away with it in the street.

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