In the blink of an eye, Oct 31st will be here and you’ll have littles ones ringing your doorbell begging you for tasty treats. Are you ready? I know I’m not, so I searched on Etsy to find local New Orleanians who sell the most awesome Halloween decor, apparel, and accessories.

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First, you’ll want your house to look the part. Starting with your door, check out this insanely eerie animated wreath. You are sure to creep out the trick or treaters.  But if you aren’t into scaring the wee ones, check out this Halloween swag for your door. Its super festive and sure to scream, “this house loves Halloween!”

Are you planning on hosting a Halloween party? If so, take a look at these adorable party invitations by THATPARTYCHICK. People will be dying to come to your party. Your guests can hydrate with witches’ brexw, poison, or venom, which is just what Dr. Frankenstein ordered. And don’t forget the favors! These adorable Owl Soap Favors are sure to cleanse everyone of their wickedness.

Of course, Halloween isn’t just about that one night. It is an entire season so make sure your kids are ready! I’m in love with this raglan shirt! It is bootiful. If you are are looking for more of a Disney flair Halloween, these Mickey inspired Halloween shirts are just the thing you need! In search of a monogrammed style shirt, take a look at this adorable option by EmbellishNOLA.  Would you like to match your little ghouls? These matching witch hat shirts are disturbingly cute.

And for the witches out there, you NEED THIS SHIRT. If you are more of the ghostly type, then you’ll laugh at this one; I know I did. NiftyNOLAshop is frighteningly on point with the RESTING WITCH FACE. This will probably be in my closet soon.

Your outfit isn’t complete without accessories so here are a few tastefully terrifying options. Are you a fan of A NIGHTMARE before CHRISTMAS? These Jack earrings were made for you. How about Dracula? This necklace is to die for! And finally, these spiderweb earrings are sure to make your skin crawl.

There are so many other wonderful Halloween items on Etsy created by our neighbors. Make sure when you shop on Etsy to scroll down to the shop location on the left side of your screen. Type in New Orleans and you’re all set. Have a disturbingly awesome Halloween!

New Orleans Halloween Finds On Etsy