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New New Orleans Airport (MSY): 5 Things You Need To Know

New New Orleans Airport (MSY): 5 Things You Need To Know

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I recently had my first experience with the new airport, and I must say that I had a good experience.  So, if you are traveling soon, don’t worry!  You will survive.  Here are a few tips on things you need to know about the new New Orleans (MSY) Airport.

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How do I get to the New Orleans Airport ?

The exit you take off of I-10 has changed. You now take the Loyola Ave exit to get to MSY. There is signage that is easy to follow, and I had no issues getting there.

Where do I Park at MSY?

I am a creature of habit.  If you look for me, I always park in the same vicinity at the mall, the airport, and at the parking garage at work. 

The new airport has a variety of parking options to fit all needs. Parking starts at FREE for the first half-hour in the short term and surface lots and $4 for the first half-hour in long term parking. The cost goes up from there, maxing out between $20-22 for 24 hours.

Like the old one, the new parking garage has a walkway on the 4th floor to the terminal.  Whew!  I can still park on the 4th floor.  It was easier than the old airport for me to find a spot.  

What about TSA at MSY?

There is now one place to check into TSA for all terminals.  The line looked really long, but I got thru it in 15 minutes.  There is a special line for those traveling with strollers.  Be sure to keep an eye out for it.  

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What is there to eat in the new MSY Terminals?

I found lots of food options that were familiar to me.  They had Dook’s Place, which is partially owned by Edgar Chase, Leah Chase’s grandson.  Also, I saw City Greens, The Sazerac, and Café Du Monde.  Emeril’s has a place as well.  I would say that our airport may have better food and drinks than in some cities.  I ate at Dook’s Place.  My meal was very good with friendly service.

There are lots of local shops too, like Fleurty Girl.  They had lots of Saints and Pelicans paraphernalia.  It is a good spot to pick up souvenirs for those that forgot before heading to the airport.

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How easy was Baggage Claim at the new airport?

There is good signage to the baggage claim.  It was a concise walk from the baggage claim to my car.  

All in all, the new airport is beautiful with lots of glass and natural light.  I think that the stroller line will be a big win for those traveling with little ones.  I usually get to the airport 1 hour and 15 minutes before my flight.  To be safe, this time, I was there two hours before.  I would think that somewhere in between those two times should be enough.  Safe travels!  I hope that your travels start with an adventure after you leave the airport.

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