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Great Moms Night Out Ideas

Great Moms Night Out Ideas

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Today: GET UP…BREAKFAST…KIDS DRESSED…OFF TO SCHOOL…OFF TO WORK…PICK UP KIDS…HOMEWORK…DINNER…BATHS….KIDS IN BED…LAUNDRY…DISHES…GO TO BED! Tomorrow: Repeat. It’s like Groundhog Day every day around here! And this momma needs a BREAK! Date Nights with the Hubby are important to squeeze in there, but let’s face it – sometimes you just need a long uninterrupted, kid-free conversation with your GIRLFRIENDS! Here are nine ideas for some much needed girl time aka moms night out!



It’s quick, easy, and cheap! Invite a few girlfriends to a local bar or restaurant for drink specials and lots of laughs! The Best part: you don’t (and can’t) stay out late anymore, so 1-2 hours of drinking time with the girls is just enough!


Make a date to check out the latest Chick-flick at the movie theater you know your husband doesn’t want to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 but your bestie does!


Only have a few minutes? Meet up with your friend for coffee and a quick chat – and you leave with a caffeine high so you can get through the rest of your day


Trust me, your girlfriends are more honest than your husband about how that dress actually looks on you – and they don’t ask you how much longer you are going to be – you can SHOP TIL YOU DROP (or you run out of money or the babysitter calls)


The kids are in school so take advantage of your freedom and book a lunch date with the girls! It gets you out of the house or the office, a good lunch, and good company!


What better way to exercise then while chatting with a friend – before you know it, you have walked 2 miles and didn’t even realize it because the conversation was so good! Your goal of bathing suit ready may be closer than you think!


Bring a bottle of wine and watch your favorite Netflix or TV show with your friends – no need to text each other while you watch the same shows – just do it together! Make it a weekly routine during the Bachelor – Housewives – Grey’s Anatomy premiere nights or pick a night and BINGE watch an entire season on Netflix. Make it a theme night and dress up like your favorite character – or dress down in your pajamas!


Splurge and meet up to have a manicure and pedicure together. Nothing better than soaking your feet with a chair massage remote in your hand and chatting with your girls at the same time!


There are so many great destinations that are 1-3 hours from New Orleans. Get up early and check one of them out!

No matter what you are making time for yourself – and so is your friend – so take advantage of GIRL TIME and find a few minutes or a few hours every week – every month – whatever works for you! Do you have any other ideas for Moms Night Out? We would love to hear what you do with your girlfriends!

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