July 1st was a huge day in Louisiana, it is the day that Medicaid expansion began. Here are 8 facts you need to know as a parent about the Medicaid Expansion in Louisiana:

1. The state has been sending money to the federal government for Medicaid expansion for the last two years. Even though the state did not expand Medicaid we were still paying for it.
2. People who qualify are those under 138% poverty level.


Household Size Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Yearly
1 $        316  $           631  $        1,367  $        16,395
2 $        426  $           851  $        1,843  $        21,108
3 $        536  $        1,071  $        2,319  $        27,821
4 $        645  $        1,290  $        2,795  $        33,534
5 $        755  $        1,510  $        3,271  $        39,248
6 $        865  $        1,730  $        3,747  $        44,961

3. This is not just for children and women. It includes everyone from the ages of 19-64 as long as you do not qualify for Medicare.
4. If you are already enrolled in a plan through the ACA you can either keep that plan or switch to a Medicaid plan. This should be closely looked into on an individual basis due to tax credits.
5. If you have a plan under your employer, you can apply and keep both plans.
6. If you qualified for GNOCHC or Take Charge you automatically qualify for the expansion plan. You will not need to fill out a new application.
7. If you receive snap benefits you should have received a yellow envelope telling you that you qualify and need to call Medicaid directly. You will also not need to fill out an application.
8. The application process is easier than before.

Visit the Medicaid website for more information. This expansion is for people who fall in the gap in Louisiana, who working but still cannot afford health insurance. No matter what your feelings are this will keep people out of the emergency rooms and have the ability to see a primary care doctor.


Eight Facts You Need To Know About Medicaid Expansion In Louisiana

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