Have you ever thought about escaping the madness of Mardi Gras? Where should you go? What should you do? Well if it’s not President’s day in the same week, you should take a visit Walt Disney World. Spending Mardi Gras at Walt Disney World is a great way to spend the holiday here’s why.

Mardi Gras at Walt Disney World


Mardi Gras At Walt Disney World Don’t

The first thing you should think about is when Mardi Gras day occurs. If President’s day is in the same week then pick a different location, or just hang around for the parades. You may be asking yourself why. When Mardi Gras day and President’s day are in the same week that makes for one very busy week in the house of the mouse. We don’t get President’s day off here because Mardi Gras always falls so close to the holiday. We already get the day off because the city basically shuts down. The rest of the nation doesn’t get that so they pick the week with President’s day to go for the same reason we pick Mardi Gras week. Kids have off of school and adults have off of work so it all works together.

Mardi Gras At Walt Disney World Dos

Ok so now you have chosen to go to Disney during Mardi Gras, but not President’s day. What now? First of all, expect to see half of Nola there. A bunch of people get the same idea, and let’s face it, it’s a good one! So now you need to do all the same things you would normally do when booking a Disney trip. Contact your agent (Hi there!), make a deposit, book your meals and fast passes, and pack your bags.

What should you pack? Well Mardi Gras occurs in all different times of the year. Well more appropriately in all types of weather. It could be cold, because it is still technically winter, but we know that winter in the South isn’t like winter in the North. We could have the cold winter weather or the mild winter weather. I would say regardless of what kind of winter weather is occurring bring gloves. I’ve heard of times when it got unexpectedly cold and there were no gloves or socks to be found! You will want to have a jacket and gloves just in case.

A very nice gesture would be to bring some beads from home with you to give out to people that inquire about them, or to cast members. Those beads can be a nice conversation starter. If you see a cast member that is from the area I’m pretty sure they would be over the moon to have a piece of home brought to them.

What To Wear

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Now how about what you will wear? Matching Mardi Gras shirts would be awesome! You just so happen to be in the area that can make that happen. Get matching shirts for your crew. Not only will it help you to find each other in the park, it will help you celebrate the day from afar. There are so many cute shirts and even Mickey ears on Etsy, check out a few of our favorites:

How about Mardi Gras day in the park?

Word on the street has it that the Port Orleans resort has a small parade with golf cart floats. They even have throws! How cute is that?! You’ll have to call the resort to check the time for this parade.

Now that you’ve done all of these things you will have had a great trip while spending Mardi Gras at Walt Disney World. Laissez le bon ton roulette!

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Mardi Gras At Walt Disney World