You might be wondering, is a Walt Disney World vacation right for my family? My answer is yes! From infants to the elderly there is something for everyone to enjoy at Walt Disney World and options for every budget. 

Walt Disney World Vacation

Infants at Walt Disney World

An infant can have fun in Walt Disney World too you ask? Why yes! They can ride all the rides that don’t have a height restriction, see any show, and dine with you. There are centers in each park that cater to infancy and toddlers. This is a place where mothers can nurse, change diapers, rock babies, feed babies in a high chair, and more. What’s more is that infants don’t need a ticket or dining plan, so they are free to travel with you!

Toddlers At Walt Disney World

Toddlers can have lots of fun too. Even though there are height restrictions on some rides there are still so many that don’t have restrictions. There’s even a really nice splash pad place in Magic Kingdom and a small one in Epcot. To see Walt Disney World through toddlers eyes is like seeing it for the first time yourself. From the time you walk onto Disney property to the time you walk off is guaranteed to be a magical time!

Older Kids and Teens At Walt Disney World

On to the kids and teens who meet the height restrictions. Meeting the height restriction opens up a whole new variety of rides. There are rides from the mellow to the thrill seeker! There’s something to meet everyone’s needs, like roller coasters for the younger and older.

Walt Disney World Shows

The shows in each park are spectacular. These shows are top notch, whether they are on the castle stage, in an auditorium, or outdoor setting, these are not to be missed. Don’t forget the street type performers that are almost everywhere in each park. Sometimes those types of performances are at the same scheduled time each day  and others are just done at sporadic times of the day.

Walt Disney World Parades

Don’t miss the parades at Walt Disney World. Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and the Bay Lake waterway all have parades. However, Magic kingdom has the most spectacular parades during the day and night. Currently the Festival of Fantasy parade runs a couple times during the day. There’s also a dance sort of parade around the castle and whatever you do.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m from Louisiana I know what parades are all about. While Disney parades don’t throw beads they are still a sight to see. The Magical Water Parade happens each night on Bay Lake. You can view it from any of the boat launches at Magic Kingdom or any of the boat launch resorts near Magic Kingdom.

More To Enjoy At Walt Disney World

Think that’s all there is to enjoy at Walt Disney World? Wrong! There’s so much more!! From fireworks, to a shopping/eatery district there are so many other things to enjoy at Walt Disney World. I couldn’t leave out all the restaurants and festivals/special events that happen throughout the year. Don’t forget about all the things you don’t need a park ticket for either. Such as different resort activities and exploring Disney Springs.

What’s your favorite part of your Walt Disney World Vacation?


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