Hot Playground Danger

Playground Danger

It was Friday afternoon and the kids are almost out of school so a bunch of us picked up lunch and met at Lafreniere Park to let the kids play on the playground. It was hot and like a lot of parents I didn't know about this hot playground danger that happened to my son.

Playground Danger

What Happened

It was a hot day. There were pink cheeks everywhere. The kids kept coming back to the picnic tables for water or juice. One mom even brought ice “just in case” and today we definitely needed it.

When I hurried to bring my daughter to potty, son apparently decided to take off his shoes. I was away for maybe 2 minutes. Bad idea. Big mistake. Epic fail.

I come out the bathroom and he's crying. The moms are standing all around him. One mom is pouring water on his feet. My poor little boy has blisters on the bottoms of his feet. He was crying inconsolably. I felt like the worst mom ever. My son is traumatized by this incident. I now worry that I won't be able to relax at the park anymore, instead of sitting in the shade relaxing.

What I Learned About This Hot Playground Danger

The surface around the large play structures is extremely unsafe during the summers. It gets extremely hot. The play structures themselves has been known to cause burns and according to the CDC any time of year.  When kids fall down they cry out at the heat on the ground more than the pain of the bumps and bruises.

So, moms, I urge you to:

  • Make sure your children wear socks and shoes to the playgrounds.
  • Feel the equipment with the back of your hand to check the temperature.
  • Keep an eye on them when they're NOT on the play structures.

If this happens to you, apply cool water to the area and call your child's doctor ASAP. Don't try and treat this yourself. A doctor should treat all burns in children.

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