Everyone knows that Disney World isn’t the cheapest vacation, but the memories you make are so magical. Have you ever wondered about what you can do in Disney World on a small budget? Here are some tricks and tips to help you find all the things that are FREE or almost free at Walt Disney World. These will help make your visit more magical and budget friendly!

FREE Or Almost Free At All Walt Disney World Parks

  • Bring your own food and drink. As long as you don’t bring in glass containers, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink into the parks.
  • Don’t bring bottles of water, get it in the park. At any quick service location you can ask for a cup of water for free! You don’t have to purchase anything, just ask for the water and you shall receive.
  • The cheapest souvenir you can buy is a pressed penny. For $.51 you can have a penny pressed with your favorite character. These machines are located everywhere through out the parks, resorts and other areas of Walt Disney World.
  • Take advantage of the photo pass photographers. You can have them take pictures with your camera as well as theirs.
  • If you are traveling with an infant, be sure to note the child centers on the park map. These child centers offer a place for nursing mothers to comfortably nurse their little one. You can change diapers in a no pressure setting. There’s even a small “store” in there where you can purchase medications, diapers, and other baby needs. These centers are also equipped with rocking chairs. This comes in handy when you need a quite spot to rock your baby to sleep.
  • Look for hidden Mickey’s! They are hidden everywhere within the parks. You can download this app to help find them!

FREE or Almost Free At EPCOT

  • Visit the Cool Club in Epcot. You can try beverages from around the world. Ask someone to try Beverly. You will want to have your camera ready when they take a sip. You’ll thank me later for this one. Not only is it as the name states, cool, it’s also funny!
  • Visit the Kidcot stations in Epcot. The kids can color a Duffy bear on a stick and meet people from that country. Ask this person to write your name or a phrase in their language on a paper. This is very cool and the kids have lots of fun!

FREE or Almost Free at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Visit the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street in Magic Kingdom and ask for some pixie dust. They will sprinkle some glitter, aka pixie dust, in your hair.
  • Sign your child up for Jedi training in Hollywood Studios. This is something that is truly magical!

Free or Almost Free At Disney Springs

  • Visit the LEGO store in Disney Springs. You can let the kids build and play with LEGO for as long as you’d like. There’s no fee to play with them either.
  • While you are in Disney Springs, visit Ghiradelli Chocolate and pick up a free chocolate sample. You’re welcome!

Free or Almost Free On Walt Disney World Transportation

  • Take the boats that travel between the resorts. You can get a cool boat ride and visit a resort as well.
  • Ride the monorail. This is another ride you can take without park admission. The monorail will give you a bird’s eye view of a small part of Epcot too!

Free or Almost Free At Walt Disney World Resorts

  • Go to Chip and Dale’s campfire roast. Bring along your s’mores making kits and make s’mores with Chip and Dale. Sing songs and enjoy yummy treats!
  • Check with your resort for activities being offered. Resorts offer movies by the pool.
  • Watch the electric water pageant. Visit a resort on the Seven Seas Lagoon and watch the pageant pass by. There are floats on the water with lights and music. The lights switch and coordinate with the music.
  • While visiting the resorts, play in the sand. Yep, that’s right, there are beaches at most of these resorts. While you’re on the boat ride you may learn some interesting facts from the skipper about the resorts.
  • After watching the water pageant stick around and wait for the fireworks from Magic Kingdom. The music will be pumped onto the water’s edge of the resort and you can sit and watch the fireworks display with no park admission required!
  • Visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge, walk out to the viewing areas and see the exotic African animals roaming free. You will want to wait till dusk since that’s when the animals come out. If you go at night a Disney cast member may be there with night vision glasses for very fun viewing of the animals.
  • Visit a Butterfly Garden at one of the resorts. You can find this in two places. There’s one at the Contemporary Resort. The garden is located on the left side as you walk out the back of the lobby towards the pool and lake. The other is at Ft. Wilderness, just outside the Outpost.

What’s your favorite activity that is FREE or Almost FREE at Walt Disney World?


FREE and almost free at Walt Disney World