FREE and Fun Activities In New Orleans City Park

New Orleans City Park is our family’s favorite New Orleans attraction. We can spend every weekend there and never get bored. There are so many different ways to spend your time! Below you will find our favorite  five FREE  and fun activities in New Orleans City Park sponsored by South Louisiana Swim Team. 

City Park Location

The park is located at 1 Palm Drive in New Orleans.

Free Activities In City Park 

Wind Chime Tree

Our number one favorite thing to do at City Park is to visit the Wind Chime Tree. The tree is located near the walking track next to the New Orleans Museum of Art. On a nice, windy day, grab a picnic lunch and a blanket and sit under the shade of this tree and listen to the beautiful music created by the wind chimes. There is lots of space for kids to run around and play while you lie back and enjoy.

wind chime tree new orleans city park

City Park Playgrounds

There are multiple playgrounds located around the park. Each playground is a little different and offers different activities. The one located near Cafe Du Monde is large and has activities for all ages, including swings and ramps for children with special needs. This one seems to be the most popular and is usually pretty crowded.

There is a smaller playground located near the walking track that has musical instruments to play and has lots of climbing and balance equipment. The one near Carousel Gardens, the amusement park, is also small and has climbing and balance activities.

city park playgrounds


The Sculpture Garden is very pretty and always free to enjoy. It is open 7 days a week from 10-6 during the summer and 10-5 in the winter. There are many interesting exhibits and it is a pleasant walk. It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk through the entire thing, depending on how much time you spend on each exhibit. However, there are some pieces that are more provocative and do show the human figure.. 

NOMA AKA The New Orleans Museum of Art

The New Orleans Museum of Art is free to Louisiana residents on Wednesdays. Some special exhibits may not be included. This is a nice, air conditioned way to spend an afternoon. The exhibits are always interesting.

NOMA and City Park Sculpture Garden New Orleans

City Park New Orleans Botanical Gardens

Also free to Louisiana residents on Wednesdays. The botanical gardens offers ten acres of cultivated gardens and art for you to explore.

Tell us what’s your favorite FREE thing to do in City Park? Happy Exploring!

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