Fun Ways To Get Rid Of Leftover Halloween Candy

Leftover Halloween Candy

Between all the trunk or treats, trick or treating, Halloween parties, and more, it seems the kids have TOO MUCH candy. Way too much to eat, especially with the Holiday Season approaching, which will bring them even more candy and sweets. What's a parent to do? We put together some fun ways you can get rid of all that leftover Halloween candy.

Leftover Halloween Candy

Play With It

The best way for kids to learn is through playing, so why not play with your Halloween candy? Make science and math fun with these candy learning activities.

candy science kit using Halloween candy is great for fun science activities.

Watch gummy bears grow with this cool science experiment. Gummy candy can also be used for a STEM building challenge with toothpicks, or you can try and dissolve them. 

Candy Corn, while not always great for eating can be used for some science and math fun.

Candy bars can be used for graphing, see if they will sink or float, and melting science experiments.
Two other candies to use for some science fun are M&Ms and Skittles. You can make rainbows (M&M Rainbow, Skittles Rainbow), see if they float,  balance them, dissolve them, and do math games like counting with them.

Bake With It

Halloween candy can be frozen and then used later in the year in baked goodies. Here are some yummy recipe ideas to add to your boards on Pinterest.

Get Rid Of It

Getting it out of the house is the best way to deal with all the kids' Halloween candy. Bring it to work and put it out for your co-workers to snack on throughout the day. You'll be the hit of the office! Check with your dentist's office and area shelters to see if they are taking candy donations or having a candy buyback program.

Save It

Like we mentioned earlier, Halloween candy, especially the chocolate, freezes. So save it, pull it out for treats later in the year, use it for a pinata at your child's birthday party, or to decorate your gingerbread houses this Christmas.

What are you doing with all your leftover Halloween candy? 

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