How To Tell Your Child Is Over-dramatic

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Do you have an over-dramatic child? I do and my house is DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA, all day long.  If the girl doesn't earn an Oscar one day for her drama, I'll be surprised. Here are five ways I know my child is over-dramatic. Are these familiar to you?

The World Is Her Stage

She dances, twirls and flips through the grocery store. She sings everywhere. She's always performing EVERYWHERE for EVERYONE! The world's her stage and she's determined that everyone knows this.


There Is No Such Thing As A Minor Injury

Today, she skinned her knee while roller skating outside. She came in limping. She even swore she broke her knee. Every minor injury results in something MAJOR!


Songs Are Everything

She answers questions and narrates everyday life with a song. She has books upon books of made up songs (that only she can read). It's like living in a musical except you don't know the words or the dances.


How Old Are You?

She has everyone convinced she's older than she really is. I'm not sure how, because she's not lying about her age. However, when asked her age, people seem shocked she's only eight. I've been told she acts older than she really is. I blame it on having a teenage brother.


She Loves The Camera

She fills my phone, her iPad, her iPod, and any camera she can get her hands on  with selfies. Not only selfies but also videos narrating her everyday life in dramatic fashion or videos singing songs, or videos of her dancing. She hasn't found a camera she doesn't love and “your storage is full” is a daily message.


It's her world and we're just living in it!  Are you living with an over-dramatic child too?

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  • Ha! This was a funny read. My son was very dramatic when he was younger. He’s pretty much grown out of it, but it was interesting to say the least!

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