Three Step Easy Back To School Routine

Easy Back To School Routine

Yay! The kids are back in school. Boo! Time to make lunches and keep a clean supply of uniforms ready. Oh yeah, and homework. The pros definitely outweigh the cons though. No more whining about being bored and flying through the battery on the iPad everyday. So how does a slacker mom handle the pains and stresses of the new school year? It’s easy if you just follow my easy back to school routine program.

Easy Back To School Routine


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Maintain a variety of Lunchables in the fridge, run to Sams or Costco for bags of goldfish and fruit snacks, and consider it a victory. Better yet, hit up Amazon and have everything delivered to your door. #winning


If you have uniforms buy 5 of everything and wash on weekends. The only thing I’ve got to keep track of is the belt and shoes because I ain’t buying 5 of those. If you don’t have uniforms, pick all outfits for the week over the weekend, label them for each day (include socks and underwear), and BOOM gone are the morning “what should I wear fights”.


No time to waste! As soon as we get home in the afternoons we pile in my bed, I play games on my phone while glancing to make sure she’s not going rogue, and the kid does her homework. When the worksheets are done we read a book (daily homework). Then I hand her the iPad and a snack and she’s on her way.

These three tasks are manageable and you can consider yourself a master of Back-to-School by following my easy program.

Got any more tips for an easy back to school routine? Share them with us!


Three Step Easy Back To School Routine For Busy Parents and Slacker Moms

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