Dance is a HUGE part of our life. My youngest wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up and loves everything about dance. We’ve been lucky to find a dance family that we LOVE! We put together this list of dance classes in New Orleans to help you find your child’s dance family. You can find more after school activities in our New Orleans After School Activities Guide. 

Some businesses listed in our guide have paid for their placement in the guide. 

Dance Class Spotlight:


Project 42 Performing Arts

(504) 715-2376

Project 42 Performing Arts is a competition performance team for all ages, with all types of dance.  Opening in fall 2017, Project 42 is run by  an approachable & committed Instructor who is keen to share her love & passion for dance with her students.


“My daughter LOVES Monica and she has taught her so much about Dance and how to be a part of a team. Monica is patient and pushes Graci to be all that she can be! She is an excellent teacher and supporter for Graci as she strides to become better and better everyday!” Cory D.

Dance Schools In East Jefferson Parish:


Cindy Ory Dance Studio: 504-737-3345
Dance Company LTD: 504-415-6943
Dance Innovation: 504-722-2097
Dancers Only: 504-304-4589




Dancers Pointe: 504-455-5975
Debby Dellehay Dancers: 504-468-3368
Fusion Dance Center: 504-461-4757
Giacobbe Academy of Dance: 504-889-0940



Helena Hosch: 504-454-3544
Kelli’s Kreative: 504-467-4404
Kenner Dance Academy: 504-471-2158
Muggivan School of Irish Dance: 504-259-7315



Rhonda Edmundson School of Dance: 504-237-0710
River Ridge School of Music and Dance: 504-738-3050
Softely Dance Academy: 504-888-8098
Tiffany and Co.: 985-210-5073



Dance Schools In West Jefferson Parish:


Allison’s Innovative Dance Academy: 504-393-7018
Creative Dance and Music: 504-390-2552
Dari Pennino Dance Academy: 504-361-1502
Data’s School of Dance: 504-348-2328


Debbie F. Morgan Dance Studio: 504-347-0707
Gayle McDonald Dance Studio: 504-347-8272
Himel Dance Conservatory: 504-298-4743
Mari Milnar Dance Academy: 504-251-0060

Dance Schools In New Orleans:


City Park Movement and Art: 504-390-7482
Fleur De Dance: 504-473-8264
Lakeview Creative Arts Center: 504-288-3124
Loyola Preparatory Arts: 504-865-3627


New Orleans Dance Academy: 504-899-3780
New Orleans School of Ballet:  504-866-0652
Off Broadway Dance Studio: 504-861-1749
Schramel Conservatory of Dance: 504-210-0222



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