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5 Tips for Hosting a Fun Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

5 Tips for Hosting a Fun Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

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Christmas Cookie Exchange

You are in the Christmas spirit, and you want to host a party. Christmas cookie exchange parties are so much fun and great parties to include the children.  Here are a few ideas of things to think about when planning your party.

Christmas Cookies for A Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

Christmas Cookie Exchange Invitations

Cute invites are a must! Be sure to include on the invite whether children are invited.  

Christmas Cookie Exchange Rules

Make sure you let everyone know how many dozen cookies they need to bring. Decide if cookies need to be 100% homemade or if they can be bought at a store or bakery.

Also, everyone should bring enough recipe cards to share their cookie recipe with other party guests. They write down the recipe for their Christmas cookies on these cute recipe cards

Christmas Cookie Exchange Kid Activities

Have Christmas activities planned for the children? 

They could make ornaments or make gingerbread houses if you are really adventurous. The kids can also write letters to Santa

I suggest a few stations with a few ideas to keep them occupied for some of the party.

Christmas Cookie Exchange Contest

Make it a contest.  My daughter’s bestie has had several cookie swaps over the years. I love that they have us vote on different categories.  The kids get into voting as well.  If you decide to do this, I would have some small gifts for the winners!

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Christmas Cookie Exchange Menu

Prepare your menu. Depending on the time of day that you select, I would plan the menu for your event. Have tea sandwiches and snacks. Also, a hot chocolate and coffee bar would be a hit.  

We do live in New Orleans, so I would definitely have mimosas or egg nog for the adults or some other New Orleans Cocktails.

Christmas Cookie Exchange Serving Suggestions

Serving and taking home cookies. I would suggest taking out all of your Christmas Cookie Platters that are collecting dust to display the cookies.  Create display cards for the names of all of the cookies.  I would also get cute containers for guests to take home leftover cookies. 

Do you have any tips for hosting a Christmas Cookie Exchange or maybe a favorite recipe? Let us know in the comments!

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