Changes to the Jefferson Parish Mardi Gras Parade Route

Jefferson Parish Mardi Gras Changes

Christmas is only four weeks away which means it's almost time for Carnival! This year Jefferson Parish has announced some major changes to Family Gras and the parade route.

New Jefferson Parish Parade Route

This is one of the biggest changes for Carnival 2019 in Jefferson Parish. The route is changing.

There are multiple reasons for this change, one is so families that live in the Bonnabel and Bucktown areas can enjoy the parades earlier in the evening. Also with the route being a mile short, it will save riders money on throws.

The new route starts on Bonnabel, turns westbound on Veterans, turns northbound on Severn, makes the U-Turn, heads back up Severn where it turns westbound back onto Veterans and ends at Clearview Mall.

Krewes can choose between this route and the traditional Veterans route. We'll have more info on which krewes will be following which route in January when we post the parade schedule.

Family Gras Changes

Another big change this year is that Family Gras is moving. For years Family Gras has been held on the Veterans neutral ground  across from Lakeside Mall. Over the years it has grown and recently starting spreading out onto Veterans Blvd. This year Family Gras will be moving to the parking lot of Clearview Mall.

Another change to Family Gras is when the headliners will be performing. Traditionally Family Gras headliners have played while the parades rolled. This year they will perform after the end of the parade on February 22nd-24th.

Family Gras Headliners

Headliners for Family Gras 2019 are:

  • John Oats on Friday, February 22nd after Krewe of Excalibur
  • Michael McDonald on Saturday, February 23rd after Krewe of Caesar
  • Brett Eldredge on Sunday, February 24th after the new Krewe of Kings

What do you think of the changes Jefferson Parish is making to Mardi Gras? 

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