In August we took our very first cruise. While we were excited, we didn’t what to expect. We LOVED the week spent on the Carnival Dream. So much so, Chase wants all future vacations to be on a cruise ship. Thank you Carnival Cruise Lines for our amazing trip.

Travel was compensated by Carnival Cruise Lines, all opinions are 100% our own. 

The Top Six Reasons Why We Love Carnival Cruise Lines.

Camp Carnival And Circle C

This was our favorite thing about the Carnival Dream.

Caitlyn LOVED Camp Carnival, now Camp Ocean on certain ships. She begged to go everyday. Also, every time she was checked out to eat or do another activity she couldn’t wait to go back.

Camp Carnival is for ages 2-11 yrs old and is separated by age groups (2-5;6-8;9-11). Also,eEach age group has their own activities and schedule. Activities range from parties, to arts and crafts, to educational, to games. Children 2-8 have to be signed in and out by an adult, 9-11 yr olds can sign themselves out with your permission.

For the older crowd there is Circle C for 12-14 yr olds and Club O2 for 15-17yr olds. Chase also LOVED Circle C. He made friends, played video games, and did other activities such as learning some card games, dance parties, and water slide races.

Mom liked the kid’s clubs on Carnival for selfish reasons. She got to do her thing while we were entertained. However, going in she was worried about entertaining two kids on the ship during sea days. Camp Carnival and Circle C did the entertaining and created the fun!

Waiting in Circle C for the safety briefing to begin! #cruisingcarnival

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Carnival Cruise Dining

To say Chase is a picky eater is an understatement. He’s beyond picky. Yet on the cruise he gained 8lbs thanks to 24 hr a day ice cream and pizza. He also fell in love with the apple danishes at breakfast. He also ate more the week we were on the cruise than he has in a year probably! The dining staff was  also great with his peanut allergy and Caitlyn’s gluten intolerance. She ate well too and had her favorite gluten free chocolate melting cake for dessert every night and hash browns every morning for dinner. Erzerbet who was our hostess on the Dream for the week. She made sure we ate enough and our food was safe. Read more about how Carnival handled our food allergies.


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Waterslides and Mini Golf

If Caitlyn wasn’t at Camp Carnival or eating, she was at the waterslides. Chase alternated between the waterslides and mini golf. Both provided hours of fun for us. You can find Water Works on most Carnival ships. The Dream has 2 big slides, a big set of racers and a play area for little kids.

Love the squeal! #cruisingcarnival

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Seuss at Sea

New to the Carnival Live is the Seuss at Sea program. On our second sea day there was special “Suess on the Loose” parade through the ship. The parade ends in the Encore Lounge where the kids get to go on stage to listen to Cat in the Hat. After storytime Cat in the Hat was available for pictures with  guest. There were also Seuss themed activities through out the week in Camp Carnival.

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The week ended with a special Green Eggs and Ham breakfast on the last sea day. Which was wonderful! The Crimson Dining Room became a Dr. Seuss wonderland, even the menu reads like a Dr. Seuss book. During breakfast which actually features green eggs and ham, characters from Dr. Seuss’s beloved stories come alive and walk around the dinning room for pictures and autograph signing. We met Things One and Two, Sam I Am, and Cat in the Hat. The wait staff also does a special dance number. It’s great fun and value at only $5 a person!

Towel Animals

Every night when we would come back to our room after dinner, on our bed would be a surprise. A cute little towel animal and each night it was different. We grew to love them so much we bought the book so we could make them at home.We also had a collection of towel animals around the room by the time our cruise ended.  Also on the last port day on the Lido Deck there was a towel animal zoo and on the last sea day a towel animal class.

Exploring other cultures

Not only did we get to visit Roatan, Belize and Cozumel and learn about the areas and cultures there. We also learned a lot from the crew we met by talking to them about their home countries. This helped us gain a lot of respect for those  that were 1000’s of miles away from home working so they could have a great vacation. It also taught us about their home countries and what life was like for their families.  This  is one the best things about traveling, seeing the world beyond our backyard, learning about other cultures, and meeting new friends

So there you have it the six reasons why we would cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines every week if mom would let us!



Six Reasons We Love Sailing On Carnival Cruise Lines