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Bath Fun

Bath time is always a whirlwind of activity at my house. I end up soaked, as well as my floor, so I try to get both kids in, hair washed, bodies washed, then I let them play while I grab the towels and make sure I have a fresh diaper and pjs on the bed. They love playing but end up doing nothing but splashing until I drag them out. So I asked mom friends for their suggestions on some fun ways to keep bath time from being so rushed and boring for them without spending a ton on new toys. Here are some of my favorite easy bath time activities for busy moms and kids.

Bath Fun

Ten Easy Bath Time Activities for Kids

  1. Glow sticks. Crack open a few packs of glow sticks and turn out the lights.
  2. Pool toys in a bubble bath. Dive sticks and small toys sink under the bubbles and the kids can take turns finding them. Most summer toys are on sale so grab them now!
  3. Pieces of pool noodles. Just slice them or cut them into smaller pieces and fill the tub. It's like a ball pit but in the tub.
  4. Bath-sketball. Get some small baskets and soft balls. Sit them on the ledge, hang them from the shower head, or place them outside the tub and let the kiddos try to make a bath-sket.
  5. Pouring toys. Get cups, bowls, colanders, anything you can pour water into or out of. This is a clean way to teach little ones how to pour without spilling.
  6. Suckers. My mom always gives the kids each a sucker as they head into the bathroom. They can make a mess and rinse it all away. You may find yourself repeating “Don't put your sucker in the butt water!”
  7. Foam sheets. Cut them into shapes and build houses, flowers, trees, animals, and more on the wall of the tub.
  8. Grow capsules. Pop a few into the tub and watch as your child oohs and ahhs as they open and grow into an animal, dinosaur, or other shaped sponge.
  9. Bath fizzies. Probably my favorite bath times as a kid were when my mom brought home a pack of the fizz tablets that made the water change colors.
  10. Shaving cream. Shaving cream is safe for most kids and used anywhere. You can also color it to make “paint” by adding the smallest drop of food coloring. It might temporarily stain skin but should wash off with a good rinse

So there you have it! Cheap fun in the tub on a budget. What are your favorite things to do with your children at bath time?

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