Personally I have recently started working out again with a great fitness family that keeps me going and laughing.  I strongly suggest that everyone find what works for them as far as fitness.  For me socialization that is intertwined with my fitness plan is the best.  Given my personal journey, I was happy to attend two local workout programs called Baby Boot Camp that are perfect for New Orleans moms and tell you all about them.  

What Is Baby Boot Camp?

Baby Boot Camp is a franchise company with two local programs making it a convenient and great workout for New Orleans moms. 

Baby Boot Camp is for moms with little ones that would like to bring their young babies or children with them to workout.  In fact many moms bring strollers to class and there was a baby as young as 6 weeks in one of my classes.  The instructors even bring bubbles and other activities to entertain the children while mom is working out. 

What Is A Baby Boot Camp Class Like?

The classes contain warm-ups, cardio, and strength training and are about 60 minutes.  The program uses weights and other specially designed items such as bands.  All of the exercises came with modifications if needed. 

Baby Bootcamp Metairie and New Orleans

What Is the Cost of Baby Boot Camp?

The first class is FREE!  So go check out a class,  you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Class prices range from $3.75 to $12 a class depending upon the plan and location you choose. 

All About Baby Boot Camp Metairie North and New Orleans Northwest

Michelle is the owner of Baby Boot Camp Metairie North and New Orleans Northwest. Classes are held at City Park on on Tuesday and Thursday and at Audubon Park on Monday and Friday.  During our class we moved around City Park which created a nice background for the workout. After class some days the moms walk over to the playground for a playgroup. You can find more information about classes on her website. 

Baby Boot Camp Metairie

All About Baby Boot Camp Metairie Central and West

Ondina is the owner of Baby Boot Camp Metairie Central and West.  Classes are held at Clearview Mall on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.  I attended the class the day before Easter.  She made a game where we did an Easter egg hunt with exercises.  My nine year old participated with me and we both enjoyed the competition a little too much. You can find more information about classes on her website. 

Why I Think Baby Boot Camp Is Great For New Orleans Moms

I would highly recommend this program for new New Orleans moms trying to restart or begin a fitness program. This is a great workout for you to socialize,  meet other moms in New Orleans and make some new friendships while getting fit.



Baby Boot Camp New Orleans