Awesomely Fun Truck Themed Activities for Truck Loving Kids

Truck Activities

Do you kids love trucks? When mine were little they LOVED them so much, especially my son. It didn't matter the truck, if it was big and had wheels he just loved it. He would have loved these 13 awesomely fun activities for kids who love trucks.

Construction Truck Fun For Kids

Toddlers will love this construction truck sensory bin made using cornmeal from Busy Toddler.

Lots of ideas for fun with construction trucks with this construction truck party post from My Mundane and Miraculous Wife.

Sensory play is great for small children and this construction truck sensory tray from B-Inspired Mama uses scented moon sand for a calming effect.

Explore magnets with this magnetic construction truck sensory bin from The Educators Spin On It.

Make a construction truck cake like this one from Forgetful Momma.

Fire Truck Fun For Kids

Make a fire truck with fruit roll ups like this one on About a Mom.

Explore fire safety and make fire truck art with these ideas from The Educators Spin On It.

More Fun With Trucks For Kids

Make truck tracks in playdough and more with these T is for Truck ideas from B-Inspired Mama.

Have some dramatic play fun by creating your own pretend ice cream truck like The Joys of Boys.

Paint with Monster Trucks just has Happiness is Homemade did.

Kids love playing in water so let them wash their toy trucks just like B-Inspried Mamas kids did.


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