New Orleans Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral - Pint-Sized NOLA

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Started in 2013 by Cara Jouglard as Jefferson Parish Parent, Pint-Sized NOLA is a resource for parents and caregivers in New Orleans.

On Pint-Sized NOLA, you will find lots of information on things to do in New Orleans with kids and travel advice to travel along the Gulf Coast with kids. Plus, Disney Travel Planning tips and tricks to make the most of your magical vacations. Also, you’ll find parenting advice, homeschool resources, recipes, and more.

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New Orleans Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral - Pint-Sized NOLA

Meet Cara

Cara Jouglard - Pint-Sized NOLA

Cara is a Florida Native and a New Orleans Girl wrapped into one.

She was born in Florida and grew up in New Orleans while spending her summers in the Clearwater area. After living in Pensacola for three years, Cara has now moved back to New Orleans. What’s that saying about how a New Orleans girl always comes home?

Cara has two kids, ages 12 and 19, and her hobbies include binge-watching TV Dramas, playing on social media, going to Disney World, and being a mom taxi for her little dancer. In her spare time, she takes pretty pictures. You can check them out at CaraNoelPhotography.com  and plans everyone’s dream vacations as a travel agent.

Cara has been a blogger and social media consultant with both local and national brands since 2007. She has worked with brands including and not limited to Carnival Cruise Lines, Udi’s Gluten-Free, New Orleans City Park, Audubon Nature Institute, Academy of the Sacred Heart New Orleans, Arden Cahill Academy, and many more.

To learn more about how you can work with Cara and advertise your business/brand on Pint-Sized NOLA, you can email her at cara@pintsizednola.com.