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Things You Should To Know Before Visiting White Sands Lake Day Beach

Things You Should To Know Before Visiting White Sands Lake Day Beach

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White Sands

My family recently spent the day at White Sands Lake Day Beach, a spring-fed lake located in Enon, Louisiana. Located just north of Folsom, it’s centered between Franklinton, Covington, and Bogalusa. It’s a perfect spot for a day trip from New Orleans and should definitely be on your to-do list this summer! Here are 7 things you should know before visiting White Sands Lake Day Beach.

Family Atmosphere

There is a wonderful family atmosphere. The people we shared the beach with were friendly and while the rules set by the owners can come across a bit strict, they are appropriate for families with small children. I also really appreciated how attentive the staff was to enforcing them!

Life Jackets are Required

Life jackets are required for anyone under 12, as well as anyone who does not consider themselves to be a strong swimmer. They are available to rent for just $2/person, a steal to have a secure, well-fit life jacket for the day! Having my girls in life jackets gave me peace of mind and made the whole experience more fun. Once they got used to them, they became very adventurous and swam by themselves more than I would have ever expected! A life saver for this parent of clingy kiddos!white sands 1

Attentive Staff

The beach does not have life guards, however, the staff does keep a close eye on things. My husband and I watch our children, of course, but it’s comforting to know there are extra eyes looking out as well. For example, at one point we were getting ready to eat lunch and my 4 year old Houdini-ed back to the water without her life jacket. Luckily, a staff member spotted her just as I looked up to see where she’d disappeared to, and gently guided her out of the water and back to me.

Table Options at White Sands

The beach has multiple options for tables, umbrellas, and even on-site grills. It’s a bit pricey to rent what they refer to as a cabana (a metal roof with a with a picnic table and a grill) but there are also umbrellas available for much less and unshaded picnic tables that are free but first come, first serve. Guests are also able to bring their own tents, umbrellas, etc. as long as they do not contain any styrofoam or glass.

Boating at White Sands Day Lake Beach

There are paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks available for rent by the half hour. The swimming area is corded off so you have the rest of the lake to paddle around when renting. Kayaking is definitely on my to-do list next time we go!

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Water Shoes are a MUST

There are rocks and pine needles in the sand. If your child has difficulties with sensory processing or just gets “icked-out” easily, I would strongly recommend bringing water shoes.

Water Inflatables at White Sands Day Beach

Getting on the inflatables is no joke. My girls are 4 and 6 and neither had the strength to pull themselves up. And as a heavier adult, there was zero chance of heaving my behind up there. The water is deep by the inflatables, so there’s nothing to leverage yourself from. Just something to keep in mind!

Overall, we enjoyed our experience at White Sands Lake Day Beach and plan to visit multiple times this summer. I would recommend it to anyone! It’s a reasonable one from most of the Southshore. My family had a blast and I know yours would, too!


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