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Many of my fondest memories as a kid involve a sleepover.  I still remember my first big slumber party when I was in 5th grade vividly.  My hope as a parent is that my kids grow up to have fond memories of sleepovers too.  These five tips for hosting a successful sleepover will help you to prepare for your next sleepover that will make you a PRO! 

Sleepover Rules

Make sure to get any ground rules from your visitor’s parents. Does the child have any food allergies or health conditions?  Do they have any screen time rules that need to be enforced?  I would check on any rules that you need to know about.

Sleepover Food

Kids eat a lot especially as they get older.  Add extra mouths, and it can add up to lots of work to keep them fed.  I suggest ordering pizza if you don’t want to cook.  In our house, we have even made homemade pizza.  Hot dogs or corn dogs are another easy option.  For breakfast, I would suggest pancakes with a topping station with chocolate chips, fruit, and whip cream for something fun.  For snacks, a sundae station may be fun.  If you plan watch movies, I always do popcorn.  Kids also always love baked cookies.

Sleepover Activities

Make sure you have some activities planned.  At home, a tent for camping inside or outside is always fun.  Board games, video games, making slime, painting nails, makeovers, all make fun activities.  If you are brave enough, plan some type of activity outside of the home.  Some of my favorites are bowling, laser tag, trampoline parks, or a playground.  

Sleeping At The Sleepover

One of the hardest parts of a sleepover to me is always getting everyone to bed. We set up the blow up mattress in the living room and let the kids sleep there. This is also the time I let the kids pick a movie so they can start settling down for the night. 

Easing Other Parents Fears

I always send the other parents a “proof of life photo”, specially if it is the child’s first time in my home. It helps to comfort parents that their child is doing fine.

With these tips you’ll be a pro in no time! Do you have any other tips for hosting the perfect sleepover!

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